Organization Profile and Branding

You can set up your organization’s profile by providing details like the Organization Name, Company Address, and Primary Contact.

Organization Profile

Organizational Profile

Under organizational profile, you can edit the following parameters:

  • Company Logo: The logo you upload here will be reflected in all your documents. You can simply click on โ€˜upload your logoโ€™ button, select the image file and upload it. Prefered Size: 240px*240px with 72 DPI. Maximum File Size: 1 MB.
  • Organization Name: You can edit your organization name entered during quick setup, in this field.
  • Company Address: Provide your detailed address along with other contact details such as phone number, website etc.
  • Primary Contact: Change or edit the primary contact personโ€™s name entered when you’re creating a new organization in Zoho Expense.
  • Email: Change or edit the primary email address entered during the creation the your new organization in Zoho Expense.

Regional Settings

Configure the basic settings of your organization in this section.

Regional Settings

  • Base Currency: You can choose the base currency in which all your accounting is done. You can also manage currencies efficiently using the Manage Currencies option present right next to the base currency text field.
  • Language: Currently, Zoho Expense supports English, French and Spanish. Support for other languages will be available soon.
  • Time Zone: Change or edit your timezone.
  • Date format: Change or edit the date format according to your requirements.

Note: Once a transaction is created in base currency, it cannot be changed.


Give a personal touch to your Zoho Expense account. Choose the theme that will go well with your company by performing the following steps:

Organization branding

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Branding.
  2. Upload an organizational logo that will be visible in the PDF of your expense reports.
  3. Choose a theme of your choice. If you have multiple organizations, you can differentiate among them by using different themes.
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