Zoho Expense - Routespring Integration

Routespring is a booking engine that helps travellers, travel desks, or finance teams book transport and hotels for business trips.

When you make bookings through Routespring, you can save the time and trouble of submitting travel tickets and receipts to report your travel expenses. With this integration, every booking that is made in Routespring will be automatically created as an expense under the respective user’s account in Zoho Expense. This way the employees can add these expenses to a report and claim reimbursement quickly. And, the organization can keep track of the employees' trip expenses.

Note: This integration is available for organizations with country as US in Zoho Expense.

Benefits of the integration

  • Get rid of receipts: You need not collect and submit paper receipts to claim reimbursement for the booking expenses. The receipts for the trip bookings will be instantly forwarded to the Zoho Expense account, based on which the expenses will be created.
  • Automate expense creation: For every booking that is made in Routespring, an expense will be created automatically under the respective user’s account in Zoho Expense. You can simply add these expenses to a report and submit it to claim reimbursement.
  • Keep track of employees' booking expenses: Know everything about the users and the amount incurred on booking by running analytics for the categories with which the booking expenses from Routespring were created.


  • All the users should have a Routespring account.
  • You should be an admin user in Routespring to enable the Zoho Expense integration.
  • The email address that was used to create the Routespring account should be the same as the one used to create the Zoho Expense account.

Enable Integration from Routespring

You can enable the Zoho Expense integration from your Routespring account. Once this is done, all the bookings that are made in Routespring will be automatically created as expenses under the Expenses module in Zoho Expense. To enable:

  1. Create a Routespring account as an Admin user.
  2. Log in to your Routespring account. Go to Dashboard on the left sidebar and click Settings.
  3. Select Zoho Expense under Expense providers.
  4. Click Save.

Once this is done, the users will find an option to submit receipts to Zoho Expense automatically every time they make a booking through Routespring.

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