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Online Expense Reporting Software for the Healthcare Industry

Treat your patients without having to worry about expense reporting challenges. Zoho Expense will handle your billable expenses and reimbursements.

Expense reporting software for healthcare industry

Healthcare expense tracking is made easy with Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense
Set up expense policies

Policy Allotment

With clear expense limits, daily employee allowances, vehicle mileage rates to track travel expenses per km/mile, policies eliminate the possibility of reimbursement fraud, and helps your employees to stay in line with their spending.

Sunshine Act Compliance

Sunshine Act Compliance

Zoho Expense integrates with the NPI (National Provider Identifier) system, enabling manufacturers to associate expenses with the respective physicians, compile a detailed annual report for each physician, and provide it to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Manage global currencies

Global Currency Management

Doctors and nurses representing your healthcare organization at conferences and trade shows around the world can report expenses in any currency. Zoho Expense converts the claim to your organization's operating currency, and flags expenses that are out of your policy limits.

Customize your workflow

Personalized Approval Flows

No matter how easy or complex your business is, you'll be able to create criteria based approval flows, auto-approve and auto-reject reports with Zoho Expense in accordance to your hospital's functioning.

Analyze your spending

Measure Your Money

Analysis of how your expenses are spent gives you intelligence and sustainability. Analytics lets you view and track expense reports based on expense categories, and helps you make smarter spending decisions.

Track billable and mileage expenses

Billable & Mileage Expenses

Pharmaceutical employees distributing to drug stores can export billable expenses as a single report to buyers. Additionally, mileage expenses incurred during drug distribution can be submitted for reimbursements with point-to-point GPS mileage tracking with the Zoho Expense Mobile App

Easy Collaboration

Open up a wide range of services by integrating Zoho Expense with in-house, and third-party applications

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Expense Mobile

State-of-the-art mobile apps

The Zoho Expense App plays well on your mobile device with just an internet connection.

Expense Mobile

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