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Faster Notifications. Faster reimbursements.

Zoho Expense's integration will keep your finance team regularly updated on expense report approval and rejection, so that they can reimburse reports faster and keep employees happy.

Notifications in Slack

What is Zoho Expense?

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software that automates recording of expenses from receipts, simplifies expense reporting, streamlines the approval process, and provides control over business expenditures.


Instant notifications for finance

Finance teams are always busy. Expense reports reimbursements is one of the many things on their to-do list. With instant notifications, the finance team will never miss the reimbursement due dates, ensuring quick and prompt reimbursements.

Approved notification in Slack

On expense report approval

Zoho Expense sends a notification to slack as soon as an expense report is approved. Important information like report name and the submitter's name will be displayed, making it easier for finance to know who exactly they are reimbursing.

Rejected notification in Slack

On expense report rejection

To avoid confusion and fraud, the finance team will also be notified of expense report rejection. They can continuously keep track of rejected reports and take appropriate actions or provide advice.

In the pipeline

Direct messages to managers on report submission and reimbursement notification for submitters.

Connect Zoho Expense and Slack

Make reimbursement work easy for the finance team with notifications on their favorite collaboration channel

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