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Reimburse faster via ACH and

make your employees' day

Don't make your employees wait for their reimbursements to be processed. Zoho Expense's ACH reimbursement feature, powered by Forte, now lets you reimburse your employees right from our interface, quickly and cleanly. And it comes at no additional cost whatsoever. Get ready for some happy smiles at your workplace!


What are the perks?

Save precious time

It generally takes two weeks for an expense report to be reimbursed. Using Zoho Expense's ACH reimbursement feature, you can now bring that down to 3-5 business days.

Reimburse the next day

If you feel 3-5 business days is still too long, you can opt for next-day reimbursement. Write to support@zohoexpense.com and we'll take it from there.

Track reimbursement status

Once a reimbursement is initiated, the employee can track its status at all times, from processing all the way until it's cleared.

Get notified about failed reimbursements

If a reimbursement fails for any reason, you and the submitting employee will be informed about it via an in-app notification, so that you can quickly figure out what went wrong.

So, how do I do it?


Set up merchant and withdrawal accounts

The first step is to set up your merchant account and withdrawal account (the one from which reimbursement money goes out). Enter your account details and submit them to Forte, the online payment gateway that facilitates the money transfer process.


Add the deposit account for employees

Once the merchant account is verified and set up, you can create deposit accounts (the account into which the reimbursement money goes) for each of your employees.


Choose reimbursement option as ACH

After you've finished the account setup procedure, open the expense report and choose ACH as your reimbursement option. It is as simple as that.

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