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Travel expense report auditing - simplified

Streamline your expense report audit procedures, reduce manual errors, and cut down on overspending with Zoho Expense.
Audit expense reports effectively

Why should you audit expense reports?

According to a 2015 study conducted by GBTA , close to 19% of reports submitted for approval contain errors. It costs an average of $52 and takes up to 18 minutes to correct each erroneous expense report, which means almost half a million dollars and 3,000 hours down the drain each year for a typical company. This can be reduced by proper expense audit procedures.

What are the challenges in auditing expense reports?

  1. Manual effort required to match receipts with expenses
  2. Hard-to-spot errors
  3. Unclear expense policies, which lead to error-filled reports
  4. Foggy analytical data
  5. Lack of communication between employees and auditors

How can you overcome these challenges?

Zoho Expense helps you navigate around these challenges and fast-track your expense audit procedures
Expense report audit software
Automate expense creation

Expense automation

With Zoho Expense's autoscan feature, employees just need to snap a picture of their receipts and the expenses will be added automatically. So, when auditors check the expenses, the receipts will already be attached to them by default.
Detect policy violations

Errors, flagged

Auditors no longer have to look for the needle in a haystack. Zoho Expense automatically points out policy violations and duplicate expenses in expense reports.
Curb spending with policies

Efficient expense policies

Enforce appropriate spending limits and make sure employees adhere to them. Specify spending limits for each category or make receipts mandatory for submitters. You can also choose to display your expense policies right on your Zoho Expense dashboard.
Stay on top of expense report analytics

Ample analytics

With 20+ analytic reports, including a dedicated report for policy violations, auditors can stay on top of errors in expense reports at all times.
Collaborate through expense reports

One-click communication

Approvers and auditors can communicate with employees about policy violations right from the expense report itself. This reduces back-and-forth and improves the efficiency of your auditing.

Zoho Expense offers more to facilitate your travel expense report audit procedure

Set up multi-stage approval flows

Multi-level approval

Ensure expense reports go through adequate levels of review and weed out possible errors by setting up custom approval flows.
Connect and reconcile credit and corporate cards

Card reconciliation

Reconcile credit and corporate card transactions with expense entries to ensure there are no fraudulent expenses.
Capture all the information in an expense

Key expense information

Employees can mark expenses as personal, add attendee information, split and itemize expenses, and add customer and project information to provide background for their expenses.

Expense report audits on the fly

Stay on top of your expenses even while traveling with apps for iOS and Android
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