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25 September 2021

Custom Fields Usage

You can now track the number of custom fields that were created for every module, by clicking Custom Fields Usage under the Fields tab of the respective module. You will be able to view the number of new fields that are used, the number of fields remaining, and the maximum number of fields that can be created.

10 September 2021

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Updates

Zoho Expense now supports the iOS 15 and the iPadOS 15 updates. Some of the key updates are: The Spend Summary widget that gives a real-time spend summary of your organization right from your home screen. Live Text Capture to capture text directly from real-life objects to create expenses. New shortcuts, quick notes, and more. Read our blog to learn how you can make the most of these updates.
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25 August 2021

Android App Updates

1) If your organization is integrated with Zoho Books, every time you create an expense with a GST-registered merchant in Zoho Expense, their GSTIN will be auto-filled for that expense. 2) We have enhanced the app lock feature in the app to add a layer of security.

20 August 2021

Policy Rules Criteria to Trigger Workflows and Custom Approval Flows

When you create a new workflow, you can now configure policy rules as a criteria to trigger email alerts or in-app notifications. For example, if you would like to send an email alert when a policy rule has been violated more than 2 times, you can configure it by setting up policy rules as the criteria. Similarly, you can configure policy rules as a criteria to set up a custom approval flow.

16 August 2021

Custom Fields’ Details of Advance in Reports

When you apply advance from a report, you can now view the custom fields added to the advance, before applying it to the report.

11 August 2021

User Lookup Custom Field as Triggers for Workflows

If you've added the Lookup custom field in the user creation forms, you can now add them as triggers that will execute the workflow.
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6 August 2021

Project-based Budgets

While creating a budget, you can now associate a project with it. Once you associate, you can view the budget summary in the details of the report that has expenses with projects associated to it. Also, you can view how much of the budget has been spent for the project expenses in that report and how much of it is remaining to be spent on other project expenses.

29 July 2021

iOS App Updates

You can now create purchase requests from your Zoho Expense iOS app and submit them for approval. Once the approvers approve the request, orders will be placed and you shall receive the requested items.

12 July 2021

Sync Failure Details for Zoho People Integration

If you've integrated with Zoho People, you can now view details of the sync that has failed on the Failure Details page. Also, in the Sync History page, when you click the sync that has failed, you will be able to view the details.

30 June 2021

Share Report Permission in Role Creation

While creating a new user role, admins can now choose if they would like the user role to have access to share reports.

28 June 2021

New Filters for Analytic Reports

Now, you can filter trips based on the Department of the travelers in the Trip Details analytics. Similarly, in the Expenses by Category analytic report, you can filter the expenses that are associated to a specific customer or all customers, using the new filter, Customers.

25 June 2021

Reason for Rejecting a Trip Option

If cost approval is enabled for trip options in your organization's policy, you will be able to approve or reject a selected trip option. Now, when you reject a trip option, you will be able to provide a reason for rejecting it.

15 June 2021

iOS App Updates

1) Approvers can choose a template with which they would like to view report PDFs. 2) If you have enabled the merchant-vendor sync with Zoho Books, every time you create an expense and select a merchant, the merchant's GSTIN will be auto-filled. (India edition)

7 June 2021

Share Custom Buttons and Links With Selected Users

You can now choose the user roles or the users with whom you would like to share the buttons and links that you create. Only the selected users or roles will be able to view and access the buttons and links.

1 June 2021

Direct Feed Integration with HSBC Bank

You can now integrate Zoho Expense with the HSBC bank and fetch your bank feeds directly.

25 May 2021

Supported Arabic Language

Zoho Expense supports Arabic and you can now read your Zoho Expense software from right to left.

17 May 2021

PDF Templates

You can design the layouts with which you would like to download the PDF expense reports. Also, you can create new templates or you can select one of the predefined templates and customize it.
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12 May 2021

Launched the all-new Zoho Expense Featured

We've revamped Zoho Expense with a refreshing new UI and interesting functionalities to help you make your expense reporting process a walk in the park.
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23 April 2021

Android App Updates

1) If a user is associated with multiple policies, they can choose the policy under which they want to create the expense. 2) After running the audits, if there are violations in the expenses, they will be shown to the approvers in the expense report details.

12 April 2021

iOS App Updates

1) You can now quickly monitor the distance traveled right from your home screen, when you record mileage using GPS. 2) The approvers can now view the expense audit violations in the expense report details and review the reports accordingly.

22 March 2021

Android App Updates

1) While adding an expense or a report, you can now lookup data in other apps right from your mobile, using the External Lookup custom field. 2) You can view the Web Tabs created in your web app right from your mobile.

8 March 2021

iOS App Updates

1) With the iOS app, you can now lookup data in external apps using the External Lookup custom field. 2) You can manage your cards from the Cards module. Use it to view unexpensed transactions and convert them into expenses easily. 3) You can view the Web Tabs created in your web app, from your iOS app. 4) Mileage expense creation forms will be displayed based on the page layout created for the mileage expense category.

15 February 2021

iOS App Updates

1) Users can add physicians as attendees while creating an expense. (US Edition) 2) When you create an expense, the expense categories list will be filtered based on the Report Type of your expense report. 3) In the iOS app, you can now use the new magnifier tool to crop the edges of the receipts neatly. You can also apply image filters such as Greyscale, Black and White, etc.

24 January 2021

Android App Updates

Mileage expense creation forms will be displayed based on the page layout created for the mileage expense category.

12 January 2021

iOS App Updates

1) When you sign up to Zoho Expense you can now verify your account from the iOS app. 2) While selecting a flight for your trip, you can now view additional details such as notes, baggage details, and the refundable amount.

25 December 2020

Android App Updates

1) While selecting a flight for your trip, you can now view additional details such as notes, baggage details, and the refundable amount. 2) When you create an expense, the expense categories list will be filtered based on the Report Type of your expense report. 3) You can now attach multiple receipts simultaneously.

11 December 2020

iOS App Updates

1) The Custom Fields created in the User creation page of the web app, will now be available in the iOS app. 2) You can add Departments in your organization from the iOS app. 3) The iOS app now lets you delete users and re-invite them later, if required.

30 November 2020

Android App Updates

You can now select trip options or change the option that you've selected for hotel, car, and other itineraries, right from the Android mobile app.

19 November 2020

Support For 2 New Languages

Besides the support for nine languages, Zoho Expense now supports 2 new languages namely, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.

15 November 2020

iOS App Updates

1) An all-new section, My Settings, for users to configure their preferences. Users can view their basic information and configure default values for expense and trip creation forms. Users can add travel details and travel documents like visa, passport, etc., to help the travel team with the booking process. Also, they can add delegates and out-of-office approvers in this section to create expenses and approve reports on their behalf. 2) While creating an expense, if you enter a new merchant, the merchant details will be saved. Later, when you create new expenses and select that merchant, the expense category will be auto-filled. 3) When you create a new category, you can now associate it with an expense type. 4) If you want to record a personal expense, you can now mark it as personal and it will be automatically created as a non-reimbursable expense.

25 September 2020

Autoscan receipts in 4 new languages

Adding to the existing support of ten languages for autoscan in Zoho Expense, you can now autoscan in four more languages, namely, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and Russian.

24 September 2020

New Analytic Report - Active Users

You can now run a new analytic report, Active Users, to know the list of the active users in your organization. A user will be considered active if they autoscan a receipt or create a new report.

16 September 2020

Zoho Expense - Amazon Business Integration Featured

Introducing the much awaited Zoho Expense - Amazon Business Integration! Once you set up the integration, all your purchases from your Amazon Business account will be automatically synced as expenses in Zoho Expense, drastically reducing any manual data entry.

15 September 2020

iOS App Updates

1) Introducing useful widgets for Zoho Expense. You can now add Mileage Tracker, Zia, Trips, Quick Create, and Pending Approval widgets to view expense details right from your home screen. 2) Add an extra layer of privacy to the photos on your iOS device. When you upload receipts from the Photos app, the photo-picker feature lets you provide access only to the selected photos in your device. 3) You can now split your expenses based on the date, amount, and expense fields.

27 August 2020

Android App Updates

1) You can now create a custom field for the Expenses module and look up the fields in other modules while creating an expense. 2) While creating an expense, if you enter a new merchant, the merchant details will be saved in Zoho Expense and the expense category will be auto-filled when you create new expenses using that merchant. 3) You can now capture receipts using different camera modes in the Android app. Use the Single mode if you want to create an expense for every receipt you upload. The Quick Scan mode lets you capture photos of your receipts while scanning happens in the background. With the Multi-page mode you can capture long receipts with multiple pages and they will be uploaded as a single expense.

15 July 2020

iOS App Updates

1) You can now sign in or sign up to Zoho Expense using your Apple ID. While signing up, you can use your Apple ID or choose to hide it with the proxy email address that Apple provides, thus maintaining your privacy. 2) You can now select your preferred trip option and request more travel options from your Zoho Expense iOS app. If a trip gets postponed, you can reschedule or cancel your trip itinerary, right from your phone.

19 June 2020

iOS App Updates

1) You can now use the Select All button and add all the expenses to a report in one go. 2) Resolve the violations highlighted in your expense reports and stay compliant with your company's policy. The violations that block you from submitting a report and the violations that appear as warnings are clearly listed in your report details.

10 June 2020

Report Type Filter for Advanced Search and Analytics

You can now search your reports based on the report types. Also, while generating analytic reports, you can run reports using the report type filter.

29 May 2020

Mapping Taxes with QuickBooks Desktop (Canada Edition)

You can map the taxes that were created in Zoho Expense with the corresponding taxes in QuickBooks Desktop. When expenses with taxes are exported from Zoho Expense, the corresponding tax in QuickBooks Desktop will be automatically applied.

19 May 2020

Advanced Autoscan

We have now enhanced the autoscan feature. With the enhanced autoscan, Zoho Expense lets you extract line items and data from the expense receipts you upload, with increased accuracy and faster processing time. Also, Zoho Expense now reads receipts in 8 new languages.

10 May 2020

iOS and Android App Updates

You can now reschedule and cancel your trips from your Zoho Expense mobile app.

22 April 2020

iOS App Updates

iPad users (iPadOS 13.4 and above) can now use the new magic trackpad or mouse to: 1) Expand the sidebar as you hover and collapse it as you move the cursor away 2) Hover the cursor over the quick create button in a module to open the transaction creation screen 3) View the reason for rejection by hovering over the status of a rejected transaction.

14 April 2020

Split Expenses (Saudi Arabia Edition)

You can now split your expenses based on the date, amount, and expense fields in Zoho Expense.

25 March 2020

Android App Updates

Using the search option, you can now search the reports you've created in Zoho Expense, in both online and offline modes. The custom statuses you've created for advances in your web app, can be used in your android app.

13 March 2020

iOS App Updates

1) If the receipts fail to be uploaded to Zoho Expense, we will retry the syncing of receipts automatically. Also, you can retry syncing the receipts manually. 2) You can now associate report types to reports and create expenses with the expense categories filtered based on the associated report type. 3) If your report has expenses that are incurred in multiple currencies, you can view a summary of the total amount of expenses made and advances received, for each currency.

11 March 2020

Zoho Projects Integration Featured

You can now fetch your projects and customers from Zoho Projects to record your project related expenses and to bill your customers from Zoho Expense.
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4 March 2020

itilite Integration Featured

Your Zoho Expense organization can now be integrated with itilite to keep track of your employees’ travel bookings and expenses. Whenever a booking is made in itilite, an expense will be automatically created in Zoho Expense.

24 February 2020

Associate Projects and Customers with Advances (iOS App)

In the iOS app, you can now associate Projects and Customers to advances.

20 February 2020

New Filter for Expense Details and Trip Details Analytics

You can now run analytic reports for expenses and trips based on the date they were submitted.

7 February 2020

New Camera Modes to Capture Receipts (iOS App)

You can switch between different camera modes to capture your receipts in the iOS app. Use the Quick Scan mode to continue capturing photos of your receipts while scanning happens in the background. The Multipage mode allows you to capture long receipts with multiple pages and uploads it for a single expense to be created.

29 January 2020

Re-scan Receipts that Failed Due to the Plan Limit

Now, you can easily identify the receipts for which autoscan had failed due to the plan limit and re-scan them.

18 January 2020

Share Access to Export Files to Xero

Share your access with other admins to allow them to export reports to Xero. They can also instantly sync the data between Zoho Expense and Xero.

10 January 2020

Attach Receipts from Zoho Workdrive

We have added Zoho WorkDrive to your cloud accounts list so that you can attach receipts from Zoho WorkDrive easily.

21 December 2019

Report Types

A group of expense types make a report type. When you associate a report type to a report, you can submit reports only with the categories that are associated to the report type. This enables easy identification and classification of reports.

19 December 2019

Ferry - New Travel Mode in Trips

We have provided a new travel mode, Ferry, in your trip request forms. If you're going to a particular destination on a ferry, raise a trip and select the travel mode as Ferry.

31st November 2019

Android App Updates

You can now select multiple expenses and add them to a report instead of adding expenses individually.

31st November 2019

Clone Expenses on the Android App

You can clone expenses in the android app to duplicate the essential expense details. Expense cloning is supported in both online and offline modes.

14 November 2019

Filter Corporate Cards

You can now view the list of your Active and Inactive corporate cards by applying filters.

28 October 2019

Approve Access, Submit and Approve Access for Delegates

You can authorize delegates to submit and approve reports on your behalf.

14 October 2019

Split Your Per Diem Rates on the Android App

You can now split the per diem rate of your expense based on the expense types, on the Android app.

1 October 2019

Search Physicians with NPI Number (US Edition)

You can now search for the physicians in the NPI registry using the NPI number while recording the expenses you’ve incurred with a physician (Sunshine Act) or while adding a new physician.

24 September 2019

SMS Notifications (Indian Edition) Featured

Send app notifications through SMS. The approvers and submitters will be able to receive notifications when reports are submitted or approved.

24 September 2019

New Custom Field: Multi-select

You can create a custom field with the new data type, Multi-select, for reports, trips, and advance payments.

20 September 2019

Custom View for Advance Payments

Create custom filters for advance payments using the Custom View option in the advance payments filter.

20 September 2019

iOS App Updates

Zoho Expense iOS app is now iOS 13 ready with interesting features like dark mode, conversational shortcuts and contextual menus.

23 August 2019

Mapping Bank Accounts with QuickBooks Online

Map the bank accounts under the Paid Through list in Zoho Expense with the corresponding bank account in QuickBooks Online.

8 August 2019

Auto-match Card Feeds and Expenses Created from Receipts

You can now avoid duplicate expenses by configuring to auto-match the expenses created from card feeds with the expenses created from receipts.

7 August 2019

Policy-specific Reports in Zoho Expense iOS Featured

With the Zoho Expense iOS app, multi-policy users can select a policy under which the report has to be created.

24 July 2019

Compare Trip Booking options

You can now compare the different booking options’ details for your trip before selecting an option.

22 July 2019

Budgeting Featured

Set up a budget for each expense category and compare their actual transaction amount with the budget to know if your business expenses are within limits. (Now available in early access.)
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19 July 2019

Export to Zoho Sheet

Analytic reports can be exported to Zoho Sheet and you can customize them.

28 June 2019

Bulk Update

The admins and the approvers can now bulk update the expenses in reports from the Reports Approval module.

19 June 2019

External Lookup Field Featured

You can now look up the fields in Zoho Desk modules using the data type, External Lookup, in a custom field.

18 June 2019

Approver Level in the Custom Approval Policy

With the custom approval policy, you can now configure a new approver level, where all the entities will be sent to the Project Head(s) of expenses for approval.

18 June 2019

Bulk Delete Users

You now have the option to bulk delete users.

7 June 2019

New Custom Field: Text Box (Multi-line)

Introduced the new data type, Text box (Multi-line), for custom fields in all entities, where each field can contain up to 36,000 characters.

30 May 2019

Display Name for Policies

You can now add a Display Name for the policies of your organization. (Now available in early access.)

17 May 2019

QuickBooks Online Integration Owner

Admins can now re-authorize themselves as the QuickBooks Online Integration Owner in the QuickBooks Online integration page.
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10 May 2019

Bulk Delete Per Diem Rates

In Zoho Expense, admins can now bulk delete the per diem rates configured in the organization's policies.

25 Apr 2019

Comment on Trips

Users can now comment on a trip and communicate with the travel team or the other users involved.

11 Apr 2019

Import Advances

Users with permission to create advances can now import advances into Zoho Expense with the Import Advance feature.

10 Apr 2019

Set Limits Based on Per Diem Amount

Zoho Expense now allows you to create rules and set limits based on the per diem amount. Also, you can configure rules based on the expense type per diem.

9 Apr 2019

Launching the iOS App 2.0 Featured

An entirely new version of Zoho Expense iOS app was launched with offline support, the Zoho’s AI virtual assistant, Zia, Siri shortcuts and many other enhancements.

3 Apr 2019

Process ACH Reimbursements in Bulk (US & Canada Editions)

If you've integrated Zoho Expense with Forte, you can now reimburse the expenses in bulk via ACH.

28 Mar 2019

Customer and Project Filters for Analytics

You can now filter the Expense Report Details and Trip Details analytics based on customer and the associated project.

25 Mar 2019

User Invite Email Template

You can now view and edit the default user invite email template.

18 Mar 2019

Import & Export Per Diem Rates and Split Them Based on Expense Types

You can now import and export per diem rates. Also, you can split the per diem amount and assign them to different expense types.

14 Feb 2019

Enhancements to QuickBooks Integration

You can now reimburse the report from within Zoho Expense, map QuickBooks bank accounts with those in Zoho Expense, export reports automatically as soon as reimbursement is recorded and track divisions using a dropdown type custom field in Zoho Expense.

6 Feb 2019

Rules for Expenses

You can now configure the rules for expenses in the policy and set up daily, monthly or yearly limits.
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4 Feb 2019

Xero Integration Featured

You can account your organization’s expenses by integrating Zoho Expense with your Xero account.
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1 Feb 2019

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle with Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle through custom integration.

31 Jan 2019

Dropped Support for Obsolete Browsers’ Versions

Zoho Expense now works only in the following browsers: Edge (Version 14 or above), Firefox (Version 39 or above), Chrome (Version 42 or above), Safari (Version 10.1 or above) and iOS Safari (Version 10.3 or above).

28 Jan 2019

Assign an Out of Office Approver

Approvers can configure a user to be an out-of-office approver to whom reports, trips and advances can be auto-forwarded for approval.
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25 Jan 2019

Expense – QuickBooks Desktop Connector for Download (US Edition)

You can now download the Zoho Expense – QuickBooks Desktop connector directly from within Zoho Expense.

25 Jan 2019

Reimbursement Details under Analytics

Know who, when and how much was reimbursed through the newly introduced Reimbursement Details analytics.

24 Jan 2019

Updates to Zoho Expense iOS

Users can create expenses in the iPhone based on the Page Layout configuration in the web app. Also, the daily limit violations will be displayed along with the other policy violations.

14 Jan 2019

Introducing Web Tabs

Access external URLs within Zoho Expense by creating web tabs. Once you add the web tabs, it’ll be available under the Web Tabs section in the left sidebar.
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10 Jan 2019

Create Customized Page Layouts Featured

Page layouts enable you to customize the expense creation page for your users based on the expense categories.

10 Jan 2019

Enhancements to Per Diem

You can now associate a country or a city to the per diem rate, set an effective from date, add per diems in bulk and configure per diem based on travel hours.

27 Dec 2018

Configuring Last Day for Report Submission

You can now configure the last day for report submission. Users will not be able to submit their reports after the last day for report submission.

18 Dec 2018

Zoho Expense Connector Update for QuickBooks Desktop

We have updated Zoho Expense Connector for QuickBooks Desktop. You can now connect multiple organizations in Zoho Expense with multiple companies in QuickBooks Desktop using the same connector.

12 Dec 2018

Add Customer & Project Information While Recording Advance Payment

Users can now add more details about customers and projects while recording advance payment.

11 Dec 2018

New Format for Importing Card Statements

We now support a new format for importing card statement that indicates if it is a credit or debit transaction.

27 Nov 2018

Export Expense Reports and Trips Using Approved Date Filter

You can now export expense reports and trips based on the approved date.

20 Nov 2018

Introducing Integration with Uber for Business Featured

Manage your Uber ride expenses effortlessly with the all new Zoho Expense-Uber for Business integration.
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1 Nov 2018

Run Analytics Using Department Filter

You can now run Advances by User Analytics based on the department filter.

Mid-level Approvers Can View the Advance Payments They Approved

Mid-level Approvers can use the 'Shared with Me' filter to view the Advance Payments that they approved and forwarded to the next approver under My Approvals in Advance Approval module.

25 Oct 2018

Custom Status For Approved Advance Payments

Admins can now add custom statuses based on the expense reporting process in their organization for approved advance payments.

24 Oct 2018

Android App Update

We’ve introduced a new Privacy & Security section in Settings with analytics, app lock feature and crash reports to give you complete control over your mobile app.

17 Oct 2018

Carry Forward Excess Advance Payment

Admins can now carry forward the excess advance payment by recording the balance amount as a new advance payment for their employees.
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15 Oct 2018

Import And Export Exchange Rates

Admins can now import and export the exchange rates for all the currencies in one go.

12 Oct 2018

Run Analytics With Custom Fields

You can now run Analytics based on Customer custom fields for Expense by Customer and Project custom fields for Expenses by Project.

28 Sept 2018

Auto Match or Create Expenses from Corporate Card Transactions

You can now match transactions to expenses from corporate card feeds automatically. If there is no match, it will be automatically categorized as an expense.

25 Sept 2018

Report Automation

Admins can now automate the generation and submission of reports on a weekly or monthly basis for their users. (Now available in early access)

19 Sept 2018

Add Merchant Code

You can now add a merchant code to the merchants and associate the code while creating expenses.

12 Sept 2018

Integrating Microsoft Outlook with Zoho Expense Featured

Approvers can now perform actions like approve reports, reject reports and add comments to the expense reports from their Outlook. (Now available in early access)

31 Aug 2018

Add Your Bank Account Details

Users can now add their bank account details. By doing so, admins can easily process the offline reimbursements. (Now available in early access)

21 Aug 2018

Run Analytics to Know the Users Who Are Awaiting Reimbursements

You can now generate detailed reports to know the users who are yet to receive their reimbursements.

15 Aug 2018

Back up Your Receipts

Back up your receipts that are in Zoho Expense by downloading them.

31 Jul 2018

Back Up your Data

Back up your organizational data by downloading them as a CSV file.

28 Jul 2018

Tailor-make your policy

Not all your policies need the Per Diem and mileage expense feature. You can now choose to disable them based on your policy requirements.

7 Jul 2018

Surcharges for your expenses

You can now apply surcharge for the expenses which you incur in a foreign currency.

29 Jun 2018

Desktop Notifications for Zoho Expense

Enable desktop notifications for Zoho Expense in your browser and get notified about your expense reporting and other activities.

27 Jun 2018

Export your Analytics as a Password Protected PDF

You can now export your Analytics with password protection in a PDF format.

20 Jun 2018

Approval Access for Delegates

You can now assign delegates to approve expense reports on your behalf. (Now available in Early Access)

13 Jun 2018

Exclusive Analytical Reports for your Online Reimbursements

You can now gain insights based on the reimbursements done through our dedicated payment gateways.

4 Jun 2018

Options to Add and View Corporate Cards of Policy Users

Policy admins can now view and add the corporate cards of their policy users.

30 May 2018

Import Jobs from QuickBooks Desktop with Zoho Expense

Import Jobs (Sub-customers) from QuickBooks Desktop as Projects to Zoho Expense.

25 May 2018

More Permissions for User Roles

Grant permission to your users to access and export the personally identifiable information.

15 May 2018

Add Additional Information about your Customers and Projects

Users can now use the custom fields to add additional details about their customers and Projects.

8 May 2018

Make Tags Mandatory

Ensure that your users fill in all the important information by making tags mandatory.

4 May 2018

Export Analytics with Password Protection

Export your Analytics with password protection in XLSX, XLS and CSV formats.

25 Apr 2018

Mileage Threshold Distance for the Canadian edition

We now support the mileage threshold distance set by the National Joint Council.

18 Apr 2018

The Zoho Expense Bot Featured

Your very own personal virtual assistant bot is here to manage your expense reports right from Zoho Cliq.

11 Apr 2018

Generate Analytics for Expenses by attendee

Gain insights of Expenses by attendees in the Analytics section.

11 Apr 2018

Automation of Report Names

The names of the reports can be generated automatically based on your preset preferences.

11 Apr 2018

Customize fields for Advance Payments

Don’t miss a thing while recording advance payments. You can now add and remove fields on your advance payments using Custom Fields.

10 Apr 2018

Apply Advance Payment from the Approvals Tab.

Admins and approvers can now apply advance payments to expense reports from the approvals tab.

9 Apr 2018

Prevent Overwriting Exchange Rates.

You can now add permission to prevent the overwriting of exchange rates in expense creations and advance payments.

6 Apr 2018

Analytics for Card Reconciliations.

Check out your corporate card reconciliation reports under the Analytics section.

4 Apr 2018

Zoho Expense Is Now Available in Chinese

Zoho Expense has now added Chinese to its vast catalogue of supported languages.

2 Apr 2018

Delegation Feature Featured

Setup the delegation workflow in your organization and add delegates who can create and submit reports on your behalf.

26 Mar 2018

Record Personal Expenses

Differentiate personal expenses from corporate expenses by marking them as personal.

19 Mar 2018

Zoho Expense iOS App is Now Multilingual

The Zoho Expense iOS app is now available in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.

13 Mar 2018

Match a Transaction with Multiple Expenses

A single card feed can now be matched with two or more expenses.

6 Mar 2018

Sync Jobs from QuickBooks Online with Zoho Expense

You can now sync Jobs (Sub-customers) from QuickBooks Online as Projects to Zoho Expense.

2 Mar 2018

Export Data with Password Protection

Add a layer of security while exporting your data by password protecting the XLSX and CSV files.

26 Feb 2018

Zoho Expense UK meets QuickBooks Online Featured

Simplify accounting for employee expenses and save time for your finance team.

24 Feb 2018

Automatic Edge detection in Zoho Expense iOS

The Zoho Expense iOS application is now equipped with the automatic edge detection feature, which automatically crops your receipts.

23 Feb 2018

Per Diem days got more accurate

Record quarter, half and three quarter of a day in per diem days.

12 Feb 2018

Zoho Expense meets ICICI Featured

Integrate Zoho Expense with ICICI and reimburse your employees, as soon as an expense is approved.

8 Feb 2018

Change the Custom Status of Reports in bulk

Change the statuses of multiple reports with a click of a button.

8 Feb 2018

Bulk Remove option for Reports

You can now remove multiple expenses from the reports details page.

29 Jan 2018

Zoho Expense- Zoho Projects integration

With this integration, one can easily sync all the projects from Zoho Projects to Zoho Expense. Currently this feature is available only for the Zoho Books/ Zoho Invoice integrated organizations in Zoho Expense.

19 Jan 2018

Bulk Update for Projects

Project Head and Users can be updated for multiple projects at one go.

10 Jan 2018

Zoho Expense for Saudi Arabia Featured

An exclusive Saudi Arabia edition is now available for Zoho Expense to cater all the tax requirements and for easy recording of expenses.

9 Jan 2018

Duplicate Detection Featured

Duplicate detetction helps you in finding out the repetitive data in your Zoho Expense account.

27 Dec 2017

Quick create option for Projects

An option to create projects on all the Expense creation pages.

21 Dec 2017

Display Trip details on the PDF of the Expense Report

An option to display the trip details on the PDF of the Expense Report.

6 Dec 2017

Option to override the Tax Amount in the India-GST edition

An option to override the Tax Amount in the India-GST edition of Zoho Expense.

6 Dec 2017

Associate tags with Credit Card Expenses

Allocate the related credit card expenses to the correct cost centers. You can itemize those expenses and tag the items as well.

22 Nov 2017

Undo the Import of Card Statements

Incase you have imported a card statement twice, you can undo the last statement import.

15 Nov 2017

Search for Advance Payments

Use the advanced search to know how much cash has been disbursed. You can drill down to the amount, date, report name, and even the reference number.

14 Nov 2017

Exclude tax information of selected categories from your books

Choose to exclude the tax information of selected categories from your accounting software’s tax reports.

6 Nov 2017

Change the font to suit your language in the report PDF.

Choose the font that is best suited for the language in your expense report PDF.

31 Oct 2017

Introducing Direct Feeds in Zoho Expense. Featured

Fetch your corporate card transactions directly from your card providers.
Learn more...

26 Oct 2017

Record advance payment for policy members.

You can now let policy admins record advance payments for their respective policy members.

17 Oct 2017

Add corporate card for others.

You can now create custom roles and give permission to let them add corporate card for other employees of your organization.

8 Oct 2017

Select the number of receipts to be shown in a page in the expense report PDF.

Choose how many receipts should be accomodated in a page when you download the expense report PDF.

30 Sep 2017

You now get to itemize your card transactions as well.

You can now itemize expenses created from card transactions.

20 Sep 2017

Associate reportings tags with each item in an expense

While itemizing an expense, you can now associate reporting tags with each item.

12 Sep 2017

You now get to customize your export template further

This time, along with choosing the fields for your export template, you can reorder them as well.

18 Aug 2017

Run your analytics based on the payment mode and description

You can customize the expense details analytics based on payment mode and description.

15 Aug 2017

Set approval flows for advance payments in your organization

Configure advance payment settings and its Approval flow.

10 Aug 2017

Incurred personal expenses on the corporate card? Mark them as a personal expense

While creating an expense from the statement line, you can now mark your corporate card expenses as a personal expense.

28 Jul 2017

Let's split the expense, shall we? Featured

You can now split your expense based on the amount, customer, project and much more.

21 Jul 2017

Connect one G suite organization to multiple Zoho Expense accounts

Add your employees to multiple organizations in Zoho Expense.

17 Jul 2017

Set up policy based access permissions by adding policy admin(s).

Grant/restrict access to view expense reports or advance payments, to users who are admins of their respective policies.

8 Jul 2017

Import all the expense reports shared with you, in bulk!

You can now import all the expense reports shared with you, from the Reports module, under 'Shared with me' filter.

1 Jul 2017

Zoho Expense gets GST ready! (Indian Edition only)

You can now apply GST rates on the expenses. Just enter you GSTIN number and we'll help you with the rest.

22 Jun 2017

Analytics customization gets a new look!

You can now customize the analytics to the last detail in the new look.

18 Jun 2017

Need to enter your projects in Zoho Expense? Enter the project codes alongside.

You get to mention the project code along with the Project name.

12 Jun 2017

On running the analytics, you would now know how exactly your employees were reimbursed. (US edition only)

You can now select the reimbursement type while running the analytics

7 Jun 2017

Not happy with the default status we provide? Create one that works well with your company

Use custom status for your expense reports whenever it approved or reimbursed.

3 Jun 2017

Access your Invoice account from Zoho Expense!

No need to run between tabs anymore. Access your Zoho Invoice account from the integration module in Zoho Expense.

1 Jun 2017

Select multiple expense policies and categories when you run the analytics

31 May 2017

The PDF format of your expense reports would now look better than before

We have redesigned the PDF formats of the expense report such that you get all the information in one place.

15 May 2017

Have an announcement to make? Create an in-app notification and let your employees know

Next time when you make a change in the expense policy, let your employees know about it by creating an in-app notification.

10 May 2017

Enhancements in Zoho Expense and Zoho CRM

Get a clear idea of how much you have spent on capturing those leads, by running Zoho Expense reports in Zoho CRM.

4 May 2017

Online reimbursements is here! (US only) Featured

Don't keep your employees waiting for their money. Reimburse them online using ACH, powered by Forte payment gateway.

3 May 2017

Update all the additional information about your users, in bulk

Bulk update the custom fields available in the user details.

26 Apr 2017

Importing Users from G Suite becomes easier than before.

You can now identify the imported users from the non-imported ones and search for additional users.

21 Apr 2017

Run the analytical reports and get them delivered to your email, automatically.

You can schedule the analytical reports and send them to multiple people at a time.

18 Apr 2017

Update the additional details about your expenses, now in bulk

You can now bulk update the custom fields in expenses.

10 Apr 2017

Approvers and Admins can edit the reports submitted to them, even after its approved.

Avoid the hassles of rejection and resubmission. Approvers and admins can correct the reports submitted to them, even after they are approved.

31 Mar 2017

Enhancements in Custom Approval

Set up an approval flow based on your company’s reporting hierarchy for upto as many levels you like.

29 Mar 2017

Disable all your customers and projects in Bulk

You can now enable, disable and delete customers and projects in bulk from your account.

29 Mar 2017

Exclude transactions in corporate cards

You can now exclude personal expenses from your corporate card transactions.

25 Mar 2017

Avoid duplicate user records when importing users in bulk

Inviting users in bulk in a csv file? But what if some of the users are already invited? Just skip or override the existing user records!

20 Mar 2017

Introducing Corporate cards Featured

Recording your corporate expenses becomes further easier. Add your corporate cards to Zoho Expense and convert your transactions into expenses.

16 Mar 2017

Skip the user invitation email

You can now choose to skip the invitation email while adding users and send it once you set up your organization.

15 Mar 2017

Choose attendees from all of your contact persons

You can now choose attendees for an expense, from all of your contact persons, and not just the ones of the associated customer.

09 Mar 2017

Reorder the options in your dropdown custom fields

You can now rearrange the options in your dropdown custom fields and also sort them alphabetically.

09 Mar 2017

Introducing integration with Zoho People! Featured

Manage your employees' expenses better using the Zoho Expense - Zoho People integration.
Learn more...

08 Mar 2017

Add negative or credit expenses

You can now add negative values for your expenses to balance out an over-payment or to defer part of a pre-payment.

28 Feb 2017

Track mileage expenses by each user

You can now stay on top of your users' mileage expenses using the Mileage by User report in Analytics.

20 Feb 2017

Integrating QuickBooks Online with Zoho Expense! Featured

QuickBooks Online is now integrated with all editions (except the UK edition) of Zoho Expense.

09 Feb 2017

Add more information about your Users

You can now mention specific details about your users like gender, DOB, designation, etc. while inviting them.

07 Feb 2017

Approvers, be less disturbed by email notifications on report submission

You can now toggle the option to either be notified about it, or not.

07 Feb 2017

Attach existing receipts to expenses

You can now attach existing receipts to expenses created from the Reports module.

06 Feb 2017

Reject reports that are exported to QuickBooks Online

Rejection of exports that are exported to QuickBooks Online is now possible, albeit with a warning message.

27 Jan 2017

Decide who gets to view your Custom Fields

You can now restrict your users to read or write custom fields, or give them full access using Access Permissions.

20 Jan 2017

Introducing Workflow automation for Advance Payments! Featured

You can now configure workflow rules for the Advance Payment module in Zoho Expense.

11 Jan 2017

Automatic Approval and Rejection of Reports

Using Custom Approval process, you can now specify reports to be automatically approved or rejected, based on specified criteria.

15 Dec 2016

Integrating Zoho Expense with Office 365

Import your Office 365 contacts as customers, and users into your Zoho Expense organization to enjoy a single sign-on process.

28 Nov 2016

Introducing Sub Categories Featured

Add more detail to your expenses by creating sub-categories under a parent category.
Learn more...

25 Nov 2016

Group your expense reports using Custom Views

You don’t have to search for particular expense reports anymore. Customize the way you want to see the list of expense reports using Custom views.

22 Nov 2016

Bulk update your expense reports

You can now update the duration, customer, project name etc, of your reports in bulk using the bulk update option.

17 Nov 2016

Associate multiple advance payments to one expense report

Have more than one advance payment in your name? You can now associate them with one expense report.

17 Nov 2016

Reports field customization

Decide what you want to or don’t want to see on your expense reports using Report Fields Customization.

02 Nov 2016

Update fields using Workflows

Field updates are here! Let fields get automatically updated when your workflow conditions are met.

25 Oct 2016

Bulk Invite users to your organization

Tired of inviting users individually? Not anymore! You can now invite users in bulk.

20 Oct 2016


Ensure that your employee expenses are controlled effectively by creating policies in Zoho Expense.

20 Oct 2016

Custom Approvals

You can now customize the approval flow for your employees and departments.

20 Oct 2016

Introducing Workflow Automation in Zoho Expense Featured

Automate Email alerts and notifications by using Workflows in Zoho Expense.
Learn more...

18 Oct 2016

Add custom fields in user details

Add additional information about your employees by using Custom Fields.

03 Oct 2016

Create expense reports for your Zoho CRM Potentials

Associate Zoho CRM potentials with your Expense Reports.

30 Sep 2016

Run your Analytics the new way!

Analytics revamped! Running the analytics becomes much easier.

26 Sep 2016

Fetch the bank feeds automatically for manually added cards

Auto import bank feeds for your manually added cards.

19 Sep 2016

See only billable or non-billable expenses while running the analytics

Filter out billable and non-billable expenses using customization, while running the analytics for expenses.

07 Sep 2016

Receipts becomes Receipt Inbox

Different name, works the same! Renaming Receipts to Receipt Inbox.

31 Aug 2016

Introducing Per diem expenses Featured

You can now create Per diem expenses for daily allowances based on the Per diem rates set by the admin.
Learn more...

24 Aug 2016

View unsubmitted expenses while running the analytics

Admins can now run reports on unsubmitted expenses in the analytics section.

23 Aug 2016

Record advance payments for your employees

Admins can now record advance payments, which the employees can use while creating expense reports.

18 Jul 2016

Introducing Email Reciepts Featured

You can now email the receipts in your inbox to your Zoho expense account and they get converted into expenses automatically.
Learn more...

04 Jul 2016

Get all your tax details under expense report details

View the tax summary under the expense report details in the UK and Canada edition of Zoho Expense.

04 Jul 2016

Make fields mandatory in the expense creation form

Ensure that your users fill in all the important information by making fields mandatory in the expense creation page.

13 Jun 2016

Record reimbursements in Bulk

Record reimbursements in bulk from the All Approvals section.

08 Jun 2016

Introducing Custom Fields Featured

Don’t miss a thing while recording expenses. Capture any type of additional information about your expenses using Custom Fields.
Learn more...

02 Jun 2016

Create vehicle specific mileage expenses

You can now add vehicles to Zoho Expense and assign mileage rates to them.

17 May 2016

Associate users with QuickBooks vendors

Choose who should be the vendor of your non-reimbursable expenses in QuickBooks.

17 May 2016

Auto export expense reports to QuickBooks

Move your expenses from Zoho Expense to QuickBooks, Automatically!

17 May 2016

Export Advance payments to QuickBooks Online

You can now export Advance payments and map them to your advance payment account in QuickBooks Online.

17 May 2016

Export your reimbursable expenses as Journals to QuickBooks Online

Not just as Bills, you can now export your reimbursable expenses as Journals to QuickBooks Online.

12 May 2016

You can now attach files to your expense report

You can now attach pre-trip approvals and other documents directly with your expense report. "

11 May 2016

Integrating Zoho Expense with QuickBooks Online

Accounting for your employee expenses has now become an easy task. Integrating Zoho Expense with QuickBooks Online.

02 May 2016

Attach multiple receipts to your expense!

Does you receipt have more than one page? Attach them all with your expense.

02 May 2016

Reclaim VAT on mileage expenses

Another Happy news for UK customers. You can now determine the VAT amount that can be reclaimed on your mileage expenses.

02 May 2016

Users can now edit the mileage rates in the UK edition of Zoho Expense

UK customers have a reason to smile. The option to edit mileage rates in the UK edition is now available.

22 Apr 2016

Choose the template before downloading or printing a report.

Choose if the PDF should be downloaded or printed in the standard or group by category format, from the Approvals section.

15 Mar 2016

Integrating Zoho Expense with Slack

Now send instant notifications to your Slack channel on the approval or rejection of reports.

09 Mar 2016

Import and Export Projects in Zoho Expense

Import and export projects in CSV or XLS format in Zoho Expense

29 Feb 2016

Accessing All company reports becomes easier!

Good news for the admins! Access All Company reports from the All Approvals section.

08 Feb 2016

Add your employees to their respective departments

Introducing the Department feature. You can now mention the department to which your employee belongs and also view the analytics based on departments.

19 Jan 2016

Introducing Custom Roles Featured

Customize user permissions by creating custom roles in Zoho Expense.
Learn more...

12 Jan 2016

Custom Fields

Users can now add custom fields to their reports to provide additional information about their expenses.

07 Jan 2016

Reject individual expenses in an expense report.

Good news for the approvers. Enabling individual expense rejection in expense reports.

31 Dec 2015

Access your cards from the 'Cards' section

Relocated cards from dashboard to the sidebar for easy navigation.

31 Dec 2015

Download receipts associated with your expense report

Collectively download receipts of your expense reports with a single click.

31 Dec 2015

Analytics Customization

Choose what to see while runnning the analytics by using the advanced customization.

31 Dec 2015

Submit, Approve or Reject several expense reports in one go

You can now bulk submit, approve or reject expense reports.

31 Dec 2015

Option to Edit Tax amount (Global version)

You can now edit the tax amount while creating an expense.

31 Dec 2015

Categorise your mileage expenses

Classify mileage expenses into different categories.

31 Dec 2015

Option to skip receipts attachment in PDF reports

You can now choose to skip receipts attachments in PDF reports.

24 Nov 2015

Edit mileage rates while creating/editing expenses

Admins can now edit mileage rates while creating/editing expenses.

06 Nov 2015

Recieve In-App Notifications

Get notified at each stage of expense reporting and other activities.

27 Oct 2015

Choose the default PDF template for your expense report

Choose if your PDF template should be in standard or group by category format, by default.

19 Oct 2015

Option for approvers to modify expenses submitted to them

Approvers can now edit expenses submitted to them and notify submitters if necessary.

19 Oct 2015

Attach Receipts with Bulk added expenses

Associate receipts when you add expenses in bulk

08 Oct 2015

Introducing Zoho Expense web extension for Google Chrome Featured

You can now clip and upload your receipts using Zoho Expense web extension.

05 Oct 2015

Export reports in bulk

Export reports in bulk from the Approvals Tab.

30 Sep 2015

Update Approval workflow for your users in Bulk

Change the approvers for your multiple employees at a time.

14 Sep 2015

Auto-Sync CRM Users to Zoho Expense

No need to manually sync users between Zoho Expense and CRM. You can now automate it.

08 Sep 2015

Include Attendees in your expense

Associate other users or contact persons with your expense using Attendees.

08 Sep 2015

Import/export users

Why invite users individually when you can import them to Zoho Expense? Exporting users is also a breeze.

02 Sep 2015

Upload travel policies of your company

Upload the travel policy of your company for your employees’ reference. It can be accessed from the dashboard.

02 Sep 2015

Auto-categorisation of expense receipts

We’ll automatically assign the category during autoscanning of receipts.

17 Aug 2015

Multi-level approval workflow

Does your expense policy mandate multiple levels of approval? You can now set that up in Zoho Expense.

28 Jul 2015

Mileage for the UK edition

Record mileage expenses based on the pre-defined rates given by HMRC.

14 Jul 2015

VAT for the UK edition

You can now apply VAT on your expenses.

14 Jul 2015

Bulk adding of expenses

Collectively add expenses to a report.

10 Jul 2015

Fields customization under Expense Preferences

Choose what fields should be seen in your expense creation page.

03 Jul 2015

Project creation in Zoho Expense

You can now create and submit expenses related to a Project.

19 Jun 2015

Tax feature for Canadian version

You can now apply tax on your expenses.

28 May 2015

Automatic Currency Conversion

Create expenses in multiple currencies, we’ll automatically convert them to the accounting currency.

28 May 2015

Introducing Debit Card Support Featured

Connect your Debit Cards to Zoho Expense.
Learn more...

28 May 2015

Integrating Zoho Expense with Zoho CRM

Bring all the Users, Contacts and Accounts from Zoho CRM to Zoho Expense.

04 May 2015

Bill expenses to your customers

Creation of billable expenses to your customers.

16 Apr 2015

Access Zoho Expense from Chrome web store and Amazon App store

Zoho Expense is published in the chrome web store and Amazon App store.

10 Apr 2015

Keep a ‘watch’ful eye on mileage expenses

Track mileage with Apple Watch.

07 Apr 2015

Expense Reporting on the go: Mobile apps

Download our mobile apps and automate record expenses on the go.

07 Apr 2015

Introducing Zoho Expense Featured

Automate travel and business expense reporting, streamline approvals, gain spend visibility and control.

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