Everything You Need To Know About Zoho Finance Suite's iOS 16 and watchOS 9 Updates From WWDC 2022!

Hello folks! It's that time of year again -- the latest WWDC announcement is here! As soon as we heard the WWDC 2022 announcement, we at Zoho Finance got to work, so you could get the best use of all the new features.

In June 2022, Apple announced the launch of iOS 16 and watchOS 9. In this launch, an assortment of exciting features was presented, such as WeatherKit, WidgetKit, Live Activities, and more.

Zoho Finance Suite's iOS 16 Updates

Now, let's take a look at all the new features that were introduced by Apple this year and how Zoho Finance has employed them.

Live Weather Updates - Plan your travel efficiently with the weather updates  

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Stay updated on the latest weather conditions while planning your business trips. Whenever a trip request gets approved, you can now view weather reports for your travel days in Zoho Expense and plan a safe trip accordingly.

Lock Screen Widgets - Perform actions right from your lock screen  


Set up your preferred widgets on your lock screen and skip the taps that you would otherwise need, to open and navigate the application. In addition to using widgets on the home screen, you can now perform actions directly from your lock screen. Look at the widgets available for you, pick the ones you frequently use, and add them to your lock screen. Voila! With the touch of a button, you can:

  • Create a timesheet
  • Create an invoice
  • Log your project hours
  • Track mileage for your expenses

Live Text - Capture details from images


You don't have to create expenses by manually typing out details anymore. You might remember the excellent feature from last year that allows you to scan emails or cards to fill out fields for your transactions quickly. As an enhancement to that, you can now copy and paste expense details from the receipt images that you've attached with your expense. Use this feature and save time and effort now!

App Intents  - Ask Siri to carry out specific actions


 Simply say, "Hey, Siri!", "Create a Report", the report creation page will open. Fill out the form and create a report instantly.

Similarly, you can now ask Siri to:

  • Start or stop the project timer
  • Track mileage for your expenses
  • Create an expense report
  • Upload receipts

This way, you can perform a range of actions hands-free by talking to Siri.

Quick Notes - Write down your ideas


This once iPad-exclusive feature is now available for iPhones! While using any of the applications, you can now take notes and revisit them anytime. Add Quick Notes to the Control Centre and use it whenever you want to jot down your ideas. Your device will add these ideas as Quick Notes in your Notes app. On top of that, you will see a Quick Note thumbnail in the corner whenever you open the page to which you added a note.

Live Activities -  Get a real-time tracking view


Every time you start the timer to track your project hours or start GPS from the iOS app, you can now see the timer or the GPS running on your lock screen. Even if you're busy on your laptop, simply peek at your phone to see how many hours you've logged for a project or view the distance you've covered. According to the announcement, this feature will only be available for use later in 2022 when Apple officially releases it.

watch OS 9 Updates

WidgetKit  - Track project hours and mileage from your watch


Start your project timer from your watch straight away! Check your watch from time to time to see the hours that you've logged for a project quickly. Also, if you start the timer on your iPhone, you can view the tracked time on your watch and stop the timer whenever required. Similarly, use your watch app to track the distance you've traveled using GPS. We will sync that information with your iOS app to help you record mileage expenses easily. This feature will be available for you from next week.

Now that you've read the round-up of all the features that were adopted by Zoho Finance this year, it's time to try them out for yourself. Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16 and update your Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Expense applications to give them a shot. We hope you like these features. Don't forget to tell us about your favorites in the comments below!


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