To set up advance preferences:

  1. Click Admin View.
  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
    Click the Gear icon at the top right side.
  3. Go to Modules under Customization.
  4. Click Advances.
  5. Under the Preferences tab, you can configure the following:

Advances' Custom Status

If you want to provide an intermediate status specifically for approved advances, you can add a custom status. This option will help you set up new custom statuses based on the expense reporting process in your organization.

For example, your organization might have multiple stages after an advance has been approved such as partially paid, pending, paid, etc. You can create new custom statuses for these stages and update the approved advance accordingly.

To add a new custom status:

  1. Fill in the status Name and click Save.

To change the status of the advances:


  • Once you change the status, it cannot be reverted.
  • Changing the status of the advance will only change the status name, and the advances will still be considered as Approved.
  1. Go to Approvals on the left sidebar.

  2. Navigate to Advances.

  3. Select the approved advances for which you would like to change the status.

  4. Click the Change Status dropdown at the top right corner and select the “Custom Status Name”.

    Once this is done, the advance will be marked with the new status and will be considered as Approved.

    On submission of advance

    Notify approver via email:

    Check this option if you want the approvers who were set up through the custom approval to receive email notifications when employees submit advances for approval.

5.Click Save.

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