To set up reports preferences:

  1. Click Admin View.

  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
    Click the Gear icon at the top right side.
    Reports Preferences

  3. Go to Modules under Customization.
    Reports Preferences

  4. Click Reports.
    Reports Preferences

  5. Under the Preferences tab, you can configure the following:

    • Auto-generating expense report numbers

      You can set a prefix and a starting number to auto-generate the report numbers.
      Reports Preferences

    • Report Name Automation

      Generate report name automatically: You can auto-generate report names by choosing the placeholders with which a report name should be created. Click the Placeholders dropdown and select the preferred placeholders. For example: If you select Customer and Trip Number, the report name will bear the name of the customer with which the report is associated followed by the number of the trip with which the report is associated.
      Reports Preferences

    Note: Besides automating report names, you can also choose to automate report generation and submission

    • Customize PDF templates

      You can configure how you want to see your report when you export it in PDF by clicking Go to PDF Templates.

    • Reports' Custom Status

      In addition to the pre-defined statuses, Zoho Expense allows you to create new custom statuses for your Submitted, Approved, and Reimbursed reports. In your business, when you approve and reimburse reports, you may have intermediate stages such as Reimbursement Initiated, Reimbursement Pending, or more. But Zoho Expense only has Approved and Reimbursed as statuses. Now, if you want the stages in your business to match with the report’s status in Zoho Expense, you can create them as custom statuses using the Custom Status option.

      To create a new custom status:

      1. Navigate to the Reports' Custom Status section and click + New.
      2. Fill in the status Name and select Submitted, Approved, or Reimbursed from the Consider As dropdown.
        Reports Preferences

      To change the status of the reports:

      Note: Once you change the status, it cannot be reverted. Changing the status of the report will only change the status name, and the reports will still be considered as Approved or Reimbursed, based on your configuration.

    1. Go to Approvals on the left sidebar in My View.

    2. Navigate to Reports.
      Reports Preferences

    3. Select the Approved or Reimbursed trip for which you would like to change the status.

    4. Click the More icon at the top right corner and select the Mark as “Custom Status Name”.
      Reports Preferences

      Once this is done, the report will be marked with the new status and will be considered as Approved or Reimbursed as per your configuration.

    • On report submission

      Upon report submission, you have options to:

      Configure the last day for report submission - This option allows you to set deadlines before which users are required to submit their expense reports every month. Users will not be able to submit their reports after the last day of submission of the respective month.

      Attach report as a PDF file to the notification email - Upon submission, the expense report will be sent as a PDF file along with the notification email to the approver.

      Copy the submitter in the email - A copy of the report submission notification email will be sent to the submitter upon the submission of the report.

      Receive a copy of the report - A copy of the report will be sent as an email to the user you select from the dropdown, once it is submitted.

      Display Terms & Conditions - You can add the terms and conditions for the submission of reports. This will be displayed in the Submit Report page when a user tries to submit a report.
      Reports Preferences

    • Approval Preference

      Approval preference allows you to:

      • Allow approvers to approve their own reports.
      • Set the number of days within which an expense report should be approved. (Applicable from the date of submission)
      • Notify approver when submitted reports are nearing their due dates.
      • A copy of the report will be sent as an email to the user you select from the dropdown, as soon as it is approved.
        Reports Preferences
    • Send notification when

      Under this section you can configure when to send notifications:

      • Reports are approved or rejected.
      • Reports are marked as reimbursed.
      • Comments are added to reports.
        Reports Preferences
    1. Click Save.
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