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Zoho Expense Add-on in Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware help desk software that helps you interact between businesses and customers. It lets you prioritise, track and solve customer support queries. You can also connect with various apps and automate ticket management to provide a better customer service. Installing Zoho Expense add-on in Zoho Desk will allow you to create expenses for the support tickets from within the Zoho Desk application. You can also track the status of these expenses.

Let us understand this better with an example: John owns a car manufacturing company, ABC Pvt Ltd. His company also provides after sale services for which customers will be billed later. To manage these service requests, the company uses Zoho Desk and they use Zoho Expense to track their expenses. In this case, once they fulfil the service request received from a customer, they can create expenses from the support tickets directly using the Zoho Expense add-on; and bill the customer for the expenses. They can track the status of these expenses within Zoho Desk.

By installing Zoho Expense add-on in Zoho Desk, you can:


Install Zoho Desk Add-on

Installing the Zoho Expense add-on is easy!  To install:

Access Zoho Expense from Zoho Desk

To access Zoho Expense from Zoho Desk:

Create Expense from Zoho Desk Ticket Expenses

Associating tickets in Zoho Expense

In Zoho Expense, you can associate tickets to expenses, reports and trips by creating custom fields with the data type as External Lookup. You can associate tickets from Zoho Expense, even before installing the Zoho Expense Add-on in Zoho Desk. To associate tickets to expenses:

External Lookup Custom Field

Once this is done, navigate to the expense creation page and you can associate the ticket using the custom field you have created.

Associate Ticket in Expense creation page


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