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May, 2023

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Zoho People helps Disys India
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Feature of the Month

Using one of our performance reports, ensure that each of your employees has a set of well-defined goals to work towards by getting a list of all employees who don't have any active goals associated with them.

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HR tip of the month

Wondering what impacts employee motivation? Here are five aspects that motivate employees to do their best work:

  • Check-in regularly with your employees
  • Keep employees informed about what's happening at your organization
  • Consider their opinions and perspectives while making decisions
  • Establish a culture of recognition and appreciation
  • Prioritize employee wellness and mental health

Making work fun

Since May is considered as Mental Health Awareness month, take this as an opportunity to revisit your strategies to improve your employees' mental health and keep stress at bay. Make your employees aware about the different things they've to adopt to be mentally healthy. If possible, provide a mental health time off to help your employees relax and rejuvenate.

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