HR Newsletter

December, 2022

On the roadmap

Take a look at some of the features that our team is working on to simplify HR practices!

  • Full engagement survey in employee engagement
  • A new enhancement that captures every valid check-in and check-out entry in Zoho Analytics for custom reports

New from the Knowledge Hive

Check out our latest articles to gain insights on best HR practices and strategies!

Feature of the Month

Did you know? It's now possible to export all your performance appraisal information from Zoho People so that there's no data loss of any kind.

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HR tip of the month

Wondering how to keep your employees happy? Here are five tips:

  • Involve your employees in the decision-making process.
  • Encourage them to experiment with different approaches to their work.
  • Keep them updated on every single development.
  • Be fair and avoid biased decisions or favoritism.

Making work fun

Since the holiday season is around the corner, it could be worthwhile to organize a day full of celebrations, where employees get together to play fun games, watch interesting performances, have yummy food, and exchange gifts with their peers.

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