HR Newsletter

September, 2021

Monthly Highlights

What's New?

Here's a quick rundown of everything new in Zoho People from last month:

In the Roadmap

Have a look at some of the new features that our team is working on to simplify your HR practices!

  • Biometric device integration using secure FTP plugin
  • Employee engagement survey

New from Knowledge Hive

Check out our latest articles to gain insights on best HR practices and strategies on how to develop an ideal work environment for your employees!


Feature of the Month

Leave grants in Zoho People allow employees to request leave for reasons beyond your typical leave categories, like PTO or illness. You can then approve or reject the grant on a case-by-case basis.

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HR Tip of the Month

With many employees working remotely from different locations, they may face increased performance anxiety without proper recognition. If you're wondering how to recognize employee accomplishments effectively, here are four tips:

  • Make compliments simple and personal
  • Don't delay appreciation and recognition
  • Encourage employees to appreciate each other
  • Use meetings to express your gratitude

Making Work Fun

Every year, October 16th is celebrated as Bosses' Day to thank and appreciate bosses, managers, and team leads, who go above and beyond to keep their teams productive, engaged, and happy. You can use this opportunity to let them know how much they mean to their team. For starters, you can keep a physical or virtual board and encourage your employees to write a few words of appreciation for their managers. Reading those can truly make your bosses' day.

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