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August, 2021

What's New?

Here's a quick rundown of everything new in Zoho People from last month:

What's coming up?

Have a look at some of the new features that our team is working on to simplify your HR practices!

  • Shift Patterns in Roster Management
  • Zoho People Kiosk in Attendance
  • New course reports in LMS

New from Knowledge Hive

Catch a glimpse of our latest articles to gain insights on some best HR practices and strategies on how to develop an ideal work environment for your employees!

Feature of the Month

With the new Daily Premises Capacity Report under Office Readiness, you can view the available and booked seats in any premise, and easily act upon your WFO approvals.

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HR Tip of the Month

Wondering how to improve employee participation rates for your training courses? Here are five ways:

  • Run surveys to learn what skills employees want to train in.
  • Offer rewards that are useful and exciting, not big and expensive.
  • Don't generalize training programs. Make them as targeted as possible.
  • Provide easy access to training courses through mobile devices.
  • Design interactive and engaging learning materials.

Industry News

A recent report from Deloitte, a Multinational Professional Services firm, has explored how the relationship between an employee and their employer would grow to face the opportunities and challenges associated with the post-COVID-19 world. "The two factors that stood out as being the most influential on the future of the worker-employer relationship in our research were talent supply and government impact," the report quoted. Read the report.

Randstad, a multi-national HR Consultancy firm, has found that 64% of surveyed organizations have now expanded severance benefits for employees in all roles. This is primarily to improve employee experience, even after an employee leaves the company. "Delivering a stellar employment experience at every step – including upon separation – is critical to employer reputation," the report quoted. Read the report.

Making Work Fun

New month, and a new reason to celebrate your employees and appreciate their hard work. World Gratitude Day is coming up on September 21, 2021. There's no better time than this to let your employees know how grateful you are to have them at your organization. Whether it involves sending simple thank-you notes or throwing a small virtual party to celebrate your employees, a gesture of appreciation will go a long way toward motivating your workforce.

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