HR Newsletter

October, 2021

Monthly Highlights

What's New?

Here's a quick rundown of everything new in Zoho People from last month:

On the Roadmap

Have a look at some of the features that our team is working on to simplify your HR practices!

  • Vaccination status in Employee Health Status pop up
  • Enhanced feedback in LMS with custom templates

New from Knowledge Hive

Catch a glimpse of our latest articles to gain insights on some of the best HR practices and strategies for developing an ideal work environment for your employees!


Feature of the Month

Zoho People's LMS enables you to grade your learners based on their performance in a course. Give individual weights to different assignments and completely customize your grading system.

Learn more!


HR Tip of the Month

Productivity directly affects your organization's bottom line, but productivity is also tied to your employees' engagement and satisfaction. Here are six major factors that have a huge impact on employee productivity:

  • Work environment
  • Company culture
  • Engagement Initiatives
  • Leadership
  • Training and development
  • Technology

Making Work Fun

October is all about Halloween celebrations. With most of us working remotely, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring your employees together and let them have fun. You can probably host a virtual costume contest and provide prizes to the funniest and spookiest costumes. Make the contest announcements well ahead of time so that your employees have time to plan their costumes.


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