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July, 2022

Monthly Highlights

Multi-rater feedback in
Zoho People


Salary Hike in Zoho People


What's New?

On the roadmap

Take a look at some of the features that our team is working on to simplify HR practices!

  • Approval for appraisal cycle deletion
  • Option to exclude future goals from appraisal cycle

New from the Knowledge Hive

Check out our latest articles to gain insights on best HR practices and strategies!

Feature of the Month

Did you know? You can use Zoho People's LMS to conduct pre- and post-course activities, and you can see how a learner's subject proficiency has changed before and after completing the course.

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HR tip of the month

Wondering what makes your employees happy? Here are six aspects that impact employee happiness:

  • Work-life balance
  • Positive work environment
  • Recognition for hard work
  • Career advancement
  • Competitive compensation
  • Fun activities

Making work fun

International Self-Care Day is observed on July 22 every year. Make use of this wonderful opportunity to educate your workforce about the importance of self-care and how they can incorporate it into their workday. For instance, you might emphasize the importance of taking regular breaks throughout their working hours. Ensure employees do not overburden themselves with work or work past their regular time, and enable them to set up comfortable workstations.

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