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March, 2023

On the roadmap

Take a look at some of the features that our team is working on to simplify HR practices!

  • Half workday and weekend in Shifts

New from the Knowledge Hive

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Feature of the Month

Did you know? You can track the attendance of employees who work outside the office with the On Duty feature in Zoho People's Attendance module.

Learn more about the On Duty feature!


HR tip of the month

Wondering how to build a culture of recognition at your workplace? Here are four tips:

  • Be timely with praise, as it may lose its relevance.
  • Be specific about the efforts you wish to appreciate.
  • Be regular with appreciation and recognition.
  • Be sure about how you wish to reward employees.

Making work fun

Every year, March 20 is observed as the International Day of Happiness. This year, take this as an opportunity to increase employee happiness, as a happy workplace is a productive workplace. You could organize a fun team-building activity or even leave little notes of appreciation that show how much you value your employees and their efforts.

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