Purolite saved $750,000 by embracing Zoho One, and has since not looked back

About Purolite

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, Purolite is a global leader in resin-based separation, purification and extraction technology. It has offices in over 40 countries, operates certified manufacturing units in three countries and has five research and development centres.  

Key problems addressed

Purolite modernized its analytics, reporting, expense management, business processes, and sales capabilities by deploying the Zoho One platform. The company realized immediate savings by retiring its legacy expense reporting program, SAP Concur, as well as avoiding the budgeted costs associated with a self-built solution.

How Zoho One helped

Before engaging Zoho One, the company considered building an in-house solution that would have cost the company $750,000 over three years and required additional information technology (IT) staff. Once it realized the time and expense related to the project, it began looking at other options, including Zoho and Salesforce.

Having been a Zoho CRM user since 2013, the company started evaluating the Zoho One platform closely. It was finalized and the solution was deployed in October 2017.

"Zoho One has brought our company closer together," says Amanda Dolan, head of CRM with Purolite. "What started out as a North America implementation for 50 users and ended up being a global roll-out for more than 500 employees."

"Not only do we rely on Zoho One for all intra-company communications, we find ourselves executing more efficiently due to the shared data and analytics from across departments and offices," she continues on the benefits. "Whether it is through Projects, CRM, Reports, or Connect, all of us have one single source of customer data and work more effectively as a team to serve our distributors and end-users."