"We're now automating over 200,000 tasks a month"

Richard Thompson

Discover how Bryant Dental, a leading medical device and technology firm headquartered in the UK, has grown with Zoho One.

Bryant Dental is a manufacturer of magnification and lighting tools for the dental industry. Headquartered in Surrey, UK, it was established by a team of qualified dentists in 2016. Knowing that 1 in 3 clinicians take time off work with neck and/or back pain over the course of their careers, the tech-savvy team of former practitioners sought to straighten out the load of the job. They designed and launched a range of revolutionary refractive loupes with an anthropometric design, whereby light-bending telescopes eliminate the need to tilt the head down during treatments. The start-up firm, which also has a facility in Australia, now counts over 15,000 global clinicians as satisfied, pain-free customers.

The business had been struggling with Pipefy CRM's lack of customisability since its deployment in 2016. So in 2020, Dr Thomas Hayes-Powell, Operations Director - and a firm believer in the power of automation - started a software search. He was looking not just for a replacement CRM, but for a solution that could manage the firm's entire digital landscape. Having closely followed Zoho's respected reputation in the software industry, Dr Thomas was convinced that Zoho One was the answer. The extensive ecosystem of connected business applications ticked every box on his wish list.

Bryant Dental implemented Zoho CRM to tighten up its 150+ stage bespoke loupe supply process. They templated out each step of the operation in a clear pipeline, from order placed, to manufacture, assembly and dispatch, allowing them to track each pair of refractive loupes through the system. A number of workflows and automations, as well as an integration with Bryant Dental's ERP and barcode scanning system, ramped up the automation further.

As Bryant Dental's reach expanded across the globe, Zoho Forms was deployed to collect biometric facial measurements from clinicians that were unable to use the in-person measuring kit. More than 380 specific details are captured in Forms via an AI tool, in order to create the most comfortably fitting pair of loupes. Bryant Dental embedded several pieces of data intelligence inside Zoho Forms to sense check any measurements that fall out of its expected range, asking the clinician to double check them. This has significantly reduced the chance of costly errors in production.

Meanwhile, Zoho Cliq allows the Bryant Dental team to communicate seamlessly from wherever they are in the world, and helps internal teams focus their discussions. Zoho Sign is used to securely collect digital signatures on employment contracts from new hires.

The Zoho One suite has had far-reaching benefits for Bryant Dental. Since adoption, errors have significantly reduced and customer satisfaction has soared. The Bryant Dental team has grown from 15 to 85 members as it manages increasing demand. What's more, the firm has saved significant costs compared to the subscription fees of separate apps and also against the cost of third-party developers by managing its own customisations. "It's more affordable as a solution," says Dr Thomas.

Key Highlights

  • The Zoho One ecosystem automates over 200,000 tasks per month.
  • Bryant Dental's 150+ stage bespoke loupe manufacture and supply service is templated inside Zoho CRM to streamline operations and reduce errors.
  • Zoho CRM integrates with Bryant Dental's barcode scanning system to improve effiency and speed.
  • Each of Bryant Dental's international territories is served with a CRM layout and pipeline that suits its market.
  • Customer satisfaction has soared since the Zoho One adoption, with the firm now boasting over 450 5-star reviews.
  • Zoho Forms ensures the entry of accurate biometric measurement data by incorporating sense check questions and warnings.
  • Zoho WorkDrive stores huge volumes of client measurement data and images, auto-assigned with a unique customer identifier.
  • Zoho Cliq integrates seamlessly with many apps in the One suite, meaning Bryant Dental's users can engage in chats whilst performing other activities.
  • Bryant Dental's in-house Operations department can easily customise and update its Zoho software without requiring third-party developers.

"I very much see using Zoho and building the software as digital Lego... you're able to build almost anything and everything with no coding experience."

Thomas Hayes-Powell

Dr Thomas Hayes-Powell, Operations Director