Aliens Tattoo simplifies growth with Zoho One

Aliens Tattoo

The Company

Aliens Tattoo operates a distinguished chain of tattoo studios with a notable presence in India, acclaimed for their top-tier artists and mastery in crafting intricate tattoos. As the company expanded, Founder and CEO Sunny Bhanushali determined that implementing software as a service (SaaS) tools was the best option to facilitate the expansion of the business.

The Challenge

During the company's inception, the operational and data management processes were relatively simple. However, the complexity escalated substantially as they started to expand. This gave rise to pronounced difficulties across key domains such as data administration, customer engagement, workforce administration, and inventory management.

Bhanushali embarked on a quest to find the best solutions for each of these challenges individually. However, the attempt to acquire dedicated tools for each department proved expensive and threatened to cause data compartmentalization that would hamper communication.

The Solution

This search for an affordable, comprehensive solution led Aliens Tattoo to discover Zoho One. Drawn by its extensive suite of seamlessly integrated applications—and budget-friendly pricing—Mr Bhanusali was immediately inspired to explore the full potential of Zoho One.

Following a trial period with the free version, Aliens Tattoo seamlessly transitioned their operational workflows to the Zoho One platform.

"Anyone can adeptly grasp and employ Zoho One," said Bhanushali.

The company started by implementing Zoho CRM to enable efficient customer database management and drive engagement with customers. From this starting point, Aliens Tattoo gradually integrated Zoho CRM with other applications in the Zoho One bundle.

Benefits and ROI

The Blueprints feature in Zoho CRM prompted Aliens Tattoo to establish a structured approach to customer management. This facilitated the creation of distinct processes for sales and customer engagement, with automated tasks for employees once a lead was generated. By integrating Zoho Campaigns with Zoho CRM, Aliens Tattoo was able to send bulk email campaigns to their customers. These features simplified the process of managing leads and customers, which was a major challenge for Aliens Tattoo.

As a design-centric company, Aliens Tattoo recognized the necessity of displaying their creative expertise and achievements to a worldwide audience through social media. This realisation prompted them to embrace Zoho Social.

Zoho Social helped Aliens Tattoo to efficiently plan and schedule posts, including videos, for coordinated campaigns across multiple social media platforms. This greatly enhanced the company's ability to engage with prospective customers.

The tight integration between Zoho Social and Zoho CRM automated the process of converting prospects into leads using specific keywords, helping the company nurture their leads more effectively.

However, Aliens Tattoo faced a persistent challenge in establishing meaningful communication with people visiting their website. The tattoo industry typically relies on word-of-mouth promotions to attract new customers, but Aliens Tattoo was eager to maximize the impact of its digital marketing. To boost engagement on the website, the company implemented Zoho SalesIQ.

Zoho SalesIQ enabled Aliens Tattoo to engage with the potential customers visiting their website. This tool captures intels for marketing and sales, and provides automated chat bots to keep users engaged, show off the artists' designs, and direct prospects to the right webpages for the next step in their buying journey. There is also functionality to manage how chats are distributed between employees and notify them of new messages.

Thanks to the integration of Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM, each user who engages with chat is automatically transformed into a lead within the CRM system. This streamlined process significantly aided Aliens Tattoo in identifying and nurturing high-quality leads.

Operating multiple franchises throughout India necessitated the implementation of an inventory management solution. This solution was required to monitor diverse assets such as tattoo kits and creams, inks, and various other products and raw materials. Initially reliant on manual note taking, the business's growth necessitated the transition to an inventory tool with automated processes.

Zoho Inventory helped Aliens Tattoo handle multiple warehouses and keep track of the materials being used. Before implementing Zoho Inventory, there was no systematic method for tracking the consumption of raw materials. Now, each time an item is consumed, the system automatically deducts the corresponding quantity from available stock. This proactive approach ensures timely procurement of materials to prevent stockouts and lost sales opportunities, ensure effective customer service, and support efficient warehouse management.

As a result of their expanding studio network,Aliens Tattoo saw a rapid increase in the number of artists and backend personnel. It quickly became apparent that they needed a comprehensive HR management tool. Previously, attendance records were manually recorded in a register, but the company found that Zoho offered a better solution for managing HR operations.

Zoho People helped Aliens Tattoo automate their attendance through check-in and check-out functions, digital time sheets, and an easy-to-use self-service portal that enabled employees to track their leave requests. The application also offered valuable learning resources for professional development and facilitated internal communication through in-house announcements and townhall-style meetings.

Procuring separate applications for each function could have required a huge investment of time and money. Adopting Zoho One as their overarching business operating system enabled Aliens Tattoo to quickly put the right software tools in place for every department—while ensuring that the total cost fit within the company's budget.

As the adage goes, one cannot anticipate victorious outcomes in warfare when arming soldiers solely with stones. The acquisition of appropriate tools not only facilitates optimal outcomes but also enables the streamlining of business processes, permitting concurrent focus on other critical facets of the enterprise.

Looking Forward

Aliens Tattoo plans to incorporate additional Zoho applications to support continued growth.

Specifically, the company plans to implement Zoho Books to handle their business finances, Zoho Marketing Automation to help create more personal experiences for different customer personas, Zoho Creator for building custom applications, and Zoho Flow to integrate the Zoho One bundle with other vendor services. Equipped with these tools, Aliens Tattoo will be positioned to drive sustainable growth for years to come.