"Dubai-based security surveillance firm streamlines operations with Zoho One."

The company

En Route Technologies LLC is a Dubai-based approved security surveillance service provider for GPS tracking and CCTV system trading and installation. They partner with different disruptive technologies from global vendors spanning the fields of GPS tracking, telematics, IoT, M2M, CCTV, connectivity, and cybersecurity. En Route Technologies works closely with clients and vendors to understand processes and integrate different technologies to improve operations, maximize ROI, and decide on the best path moving forward.

The challenge

Previously, En Route Technologies was using multiple apps and while they were integrated, to some extent, those integrations were frequently the source of problems. En Route realized they needed a solution that would integrate throughout natively, as well as provide solutions to manage all areas of business.

The solution

En Route initially reviewed Salesforce, but found it complex to set up from the admin perspective. They also reviewed Focus ERP, but after a month-long trial, they found that Zoho One was the best fit for their needs in terms of operation and finance.

"With Zoho One at the core, the management maintained the daily activities seamlessly when going remote. Right from prospects to onboarding customers, the CRM modules helps us through the stages effectively. We also make use of automations and plugins available in CRM to enter leads acquired through marketing activities seamlessly,"

Ayman Alibrahim

Ayman Alibrahim, Managing Director at En Route.

En Route now uses Zoho Books to manage all their finances, and with periodic finance reports ensuring that data is readily available, they save a lot of computational time. Zoho Desk helps them provide exceptional customer care, with tickets created for feedback and complaints received via calls, email, and their website. Owing to the nature of installing security devices (GPS tracking, telematics, CCTV, etc.) new customer activation is also tracked via Desk. They also use Zoho Meeting to conduct product trainings and further continuous learning with clients.

The team also uses Zoho Sheets to keep track of things and important information, guidelines, and policies are written in Zoho Writer. The documents and sheets created by team members are all accessible in one place, Zoho Workdrive. Communication with clients, prospects, and internally is done via Zoho Mail. Thus collaboration and communication flows smoothly between all the members of various teams in a unified manner.

When it comes to marketing and collecting data, En Route found Zoho Campaigns, Survey and Analytics to be helpful.

"We send email campaigns for new updates , training sessions, and seasonal promotions, feedback is collected via survey forms and data collected from all apps is studied with Analytics,"

said Alibrahim.

Benefits and ROI

"With the Zoho One suite, we were able to sync all our operations and requirements under one brand. Zoho One fixed our communication gap, and all information is now readily accessible across applications for our members,"

Alibrahim said.

The way that Zoho One integrated across the board while providing detailed reporting on all tasks and actions has saved En Route weekly meeting time. All their sales team activities are scheduled on CRM, finance VAT reporting and filing are done through Books, and customer insights, records, and history is maintained in Desk.

"With Zoho One, our team's hard work is not siloed and is accessible for everyone at any point," said Alibrahim.