Spaghetti Agency discover the power of the Zoho One ecosystem to manage processes, data, external communication and teams

Richard Thompson

Discover how "Wild West" themed Spaghetti Agency, implemented Zoho One to consolidate its tech stack, manage processes and take care of its team - all whilst saving thousands of pounds.

Spaghetti Agency is a content marketing agency based in Warwick, UK. Specialising in copy writing, consultancy and training for businesses, it supports a wide range of retained clients using tried and tested marketing methods. With its strapline "no bull, just beef", Spaghetti is a bold, adventurous agency with a difference, navigating the Wild West of the internet to leave cowboy agencies in the dust.

Before discovering Zoho, Spaghetti were operating an entanglement of apps. All of its platforms were sourced from different providers, all of them carrying out different functions. Todd, Managing Director, described the set up as being "practically stuck together with sticky tape," a precarious arrangement that would often see connections break, leading to data duplication and inefficiency. To make life even harder, Spaghetti Agency was using Capsule CRM to manage its sales activity, a platform it found to have limited customisation potential.

Unsure how to resolve its software woes, Spaghetti approached its IT partner Magnetar IT, a Zoho affiliate. Evaluating Spaghetti's tech stack, its Director and Founder Rafael Macedo recommended that Spaghetti adopt the Zoho One ecosystem of apps. "There was no other suite of tools that fit better than Zoho did," he concluded.

The team started its digital transformation with CRM. Integrating seamlessly with Outlook 365 and Spaghetti's telephony system, Vonage, Zoho CRM captures each touchpoint that the business has with its clients, making the platform the "first place" the team go for an answer. And by embedding a custom 'Create Proposal" button inside each deal record - unlocked only at specific stages - Spaghetti has ensured it never misses an opportunity to build revenue. "It's been business-changing, honestly it really has," enthuses Todd.

Next, Zoho Bookings was introduced to improve Spaghetti's onboarding process. In the past, the team would play "email tennis" with prospects in order to book introductory calls. With Bookings in place, Spaghetti can now send a simple link to their prospects, allowing them to schedule a meeting from a list of designated appointment times. A seamless integration also blocks out the time slot in the team's Office 365 calendars. "Having Bookings has saved Lynne my assistant so much time. Not going backwards and forwards with tonnes of call options," explains Todd.

Spaghetti also uses Zoho Flow to bridge the gap between the contact forms on its website and the leads module of CRM. It maps each webform entry with Spaghetti's defined fields and attributes the correct lead source to each. This lead source visibility delivers data-led insights about Spaghetti's most effective content. The business also uses Flow to trigger notifications in the team's Slack channels whenever a customer signs a proposal, as well as to update the corresponding deal to "closed won". "We know immediately when they've signed up, so we can be really reactive with that client," explains Todd.

Completing its rollcall of apps, Spaghetti Agency uses Zoho Campaigns to engage, educate and entertain its email subscribers, as well as to send automated onboarding email sequences to new leads and sign-ups. And Zoho People has helped the business improve the security and confidentiality of employee data. Previously, Spaghetti's joint Managing Director Jo recorded this information in notes on her iPhone, but can now upload a wealth of personal data about her team, track performance reviews and store contracts with ease and security. "I can get an overall picture of everybody's information and data, and I know that no one else can see it," shares Jo.

Key Highlights

  • Spaghetti save thousands of pounds per year compared to the fees of multiple standalone tools.
  • Zoho CRM provides a top down "CEO view" of the sales pipeline and each client, capturing every phone call, email and proposal.
  • Integrations with Microsoft 365 and Vonage telephony create a seamless digital environment.
  • Zoho Bookings eliminates "email tennis" by automating demonstration and discussion call arrangements.
  • Spaghetti's email subscribers receive automated onboarding emails and regular branded newsletters via Zoho Campaigns.
  • Zoho People delivers a secure space to store employee and equipment details.

"It's saving us's paid for itself and more."


Todd, Managing Director

"Before Zoho, life was more chaotic."


Jo, Managing Director