"COURE increases productivity multifold with Zoho One"

The Company

COURE Technologies, Inc also known as COURE SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS Nigeria, is a company focused on the accurate, secure, and timely provision of relevant data to its stakeholders. COURE provides platforms that centralize data access, management, and delivery in a standardized manner, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its clients’ operations. Through the provided platforms, COURE can aggregate various forms and types of data, analyze the data, and create valueable services.

COURE, in addition to its provision of relevant data, seeks to help businesses reduce costs and maximize their resources while operating efficiently through its provision of platforms as a service.

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The Challenge

COURE was using multiple disparate tools and solutions which were not integrated to manage its daily operations. COURE was finding it a challenge to accurately enter customer details in every app and keep them updated. COURE realized that they needed a solution that was naturally integrated and that would provide solutions to manage all business functions.

The Solution

COURE reviewed numerous solutions and found that the Zoho One suite had a considerable advantage in terms of seamless integration between all the apps needed for their sales, finance, client support and staff management processes.

Implementation was straightforward and COURE employees adopted Zoho One eagerly as they could see that the solution made their work life easier. Every team member was given training from the IT department with the help of Zoho One training videos for each application.

When it came to transitioning to remote work, the team was already set up for success.

"Transitioning from a physical office to a virtual one was done seamlessly with our use of Zoho. Zoho has allowed us to offer impeccable services to our clients without degradation of quality,"

- said Uche Onwudiwe, MD/CEO at COURE.

The sales team uses Zoho CRM to track and interact with the customers through the lead generation cycle. The support team uses Zoho Desk to continue offering support once the leads convert to customers.

The finance team uses Zoho Books to manage their billing and expenditures and all employees use Zoho Expense to submit their expense requests. The Expense app is fully integrated with Books, ensuring that all the processed expenses are recorded and tracked and all the company's expenditures are kept in one place.

COURE also uses Zoho People, which plays an essential role in managing HR activities. Team member onboarding, leave requests, appraisals, timesheets, goal tracking, birthday announcements, loan requests, and attendance check-in and check-out are managed and tracked with Zoho People. The HR team also uses Zoho Recruit for the recruitment process. From generating questionnaires to conducting interviews and reviewing resumes, the entire recruitment process flows smoothly with Recruit. COURE also uses Zoho Campaigns to push marketing content and drive sales.

"Zoho One has made working remotely a breeze for every team at COURE, through easily accessible apps that allow everyone to stay up to date on all activities and client information."

- Uche Onwudiwe, MD/CEO

COURE ensures that all documents and contracts that need a signature from the legal team go through Zoho Sign, streamlining the legal team's process, helping them work even more efficiently with the sales team and clients.

Productivity increased with Zoho One

The COURE team has seen significant improvements to their productivity and reports working much more efficiently thanks to the introduction of one comprehensive operating system for their business. "Managing our data and business with Zoho One has been a lot more efficient and effective, as operations between staff members and teams are much smoother. We see that our internal processes and productivity have significantly increased ever since we shifted to Zoho One," said Veronica Udego, Sales Associate at COURE. They're also looking forward to the fact that as they scale, they can continue to expand into new apps in Zoho One such as Zoho contracts while trusting the solid foundation they've put into place to support the growth.