"Before switching to Zoho One we used many isolated apps. Not only did they not easily interact but it meant managing many contracts and not getting the best value or flexibility we needed. We were able to switch easily across to Zoho."

- Phil Bates, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Zikodrive

About Zikodrive

Zikodrive is an award-winning UK-based designer and manufacturer of motor controllers for brushless, stepper and DC motors. Established in 2012, it covers hardware design, firmware/programming and manufacturing, all within the UK. It also offers comprehensive customer support from its UK office.

"With Zoho One I love that you just pay for the users you have. It seems like a very fair model. It delivers the functionality we need and is hugely easier to use. I also like how there are so many more options for other applications we can try in the future to help drive our business success."

- Phil Bates, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Zikodrive

The Challenge

Zikodrive had started out by adding new providers to help run its business as needs arose. However, once it realised it needed to reassess its technology strategy with its next growth stage. Zikodrive needed a solution that offered scalability, integration, structure, efficiency, value, flexibility to tailor to bespoke needs and something which helped improve customer experience.

The Solution

Zikodrive has already seen the switch to Zoho One create huge improvements for its business. It has reduced factory paperwork by 100%, reduced the need for inter-departmental calls by 80%, improved the development process by 60%, reduced management time on day to day jobs (production and operations) at least 90% and more.

"A major benefit to Zikodrive has been the ability to customise systems quickly and to develop our own systems. We have built a bespoke system using standard Zoho apps plus many customisations through Creator, and automated using Zoho Flow."

- Phil Bates, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Zikodrive

Zikodrive has now implemented fourteen apps within the Zoho One suite: CRM, Social, Mail, Cliq, Projects, Books, Connect, SalesIQ, WorkDrive, Sign, Notebook, Flow, Creator and Lens as both tactical and strategic solutions.

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