The goldmine of data: How Davinci Media College transformed lead generation and management with
Zoho One

The company

Davinci Media College is a studio-integrated educational institution offering diploma and certification courses in media arts. The college has been operating for almost two decades and has a reputation for providing high-quality education in 3D animation, VFX, visual communication, game design, movie color grading, editing, film direction, and TV production. The founder, Arul Moorthy, has more than three decades of experience in editing and post-production for films and TV commercials.

The challenge

Davinci Media College faced various challenges in the fields of lead generation, lead management, data capturing, data usage, outcome measurement, marketing, and accounting. The college had to capture and organize data related to admissions, such as the applicants' background, their interests, and the campaigns required to attract them. "Before shifting to Zoho One, we were generating many leads, but we were struggling to manage and prioritize them. We found it difficult to track the progress of leads through the sales funnel. We were also facing challenges in capturing relevant data and using it to make informed decisions," Moorthy said.

The college, in addition, was struggling to measure the success of its marketing campaigns and to keep track of its expenses, payments, and invoices. It was using social media marketing to attract students, but it was not effectively targeting its audience.

Arul Moorthy

The solution

To address the challenges faced by the college, Moorthy decided to shift to Zoho One, the operating system for business, which includes various applications, such as CRM, Forms, Survey, Social, and Desk. He believed that Zoho One was not just a single software, but an ecosystem of integrated applications that could make life easier.

Moorthy explained, “Earlier, we were using a custom-made CRM. But over time, we couldn’t cope with the new technologies and updates that it demanded.” Zoho One provided the college with a solution that was easy to use and convenient to implement. Zoho CRM helped in lead management and capturing information about the caller during inquiry calls, while Zoho Forms and Zoho Survey were used to collect data related to admissions.

Moorthy further added, “For advertising our college, we rely heavily on past year's data on the number of students that have enrolled from the rural/urban areas, their socio-economic status, and the kind of courses people, in general, were interested in. If we have all this information, we can work on the kind of marketing campaigns for that academic year’s admission. Zoho One enabled us to capture, organize, and use data effectively for marketing campaigns and lead generation."

Moreover, Zoho Desk helped the college in managing inquiries and providing information to the callers, while Zoho Social enabled the college to manage social media accounts and engage with the audience effectively. In addition, Zoho Books helped them to take care of their accounting needs.

Benefits and ROI

After implementing Zoho One, Davinci Media College witnessed various benefits and a positive ROI. The college was able to streamline their lead generation and lead management process effectively, resulting in an increase in admissions. Moorthy said, "When you don't give the team efficient tools to fight a war, you cannot complain about the result!" Zoho One provided the college and its teams the tools they needed to improve their operations, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Zoho One's integrated applications enabled the college to capture, organize, and use data effectively, resulting in better decision-making and improved marketing campaigns. The automation of repetitive tasks and preventing department silos resulted in increased efficiency. The use of Zoho Desk and Zoho Social helped the college manage inquiries and engage with their audience more effectively, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

We wish Arul Moorthy and Davinci Media College the best of success and opportunities in the future.

Arul Moorthy