How ArtiCAD uncovered the power of the Zoho ecosystem and transformed their software systems with Zoho One

Satyan Thukral

Discover how ArtiCAD a software producer for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom industry, have improved efficiency with integration and saved £17,000 a year on subscription fees by implementing Zoho One.

Established over 31 years ago, ArtiCAD is a software producer for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom industry, serving thousands of designers, retailers and manufacturing specialists worldwide. Their software portfolio includes an all-in-one design and pricing solution, project management tools, consumer room planners, visualisers and VR/AR applications - all of which can easily be integrated and customised to suit individual needs. Their team is 66 strong with the vast majority based in the UK, and subsidiaries/distribution hubs located in Ireland, South Africa, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Life before Zoho saw a patchwork of different applications being used across the business, all of which were achieving different things. Applications included SugarCRM, Teamwork, Dotdigital, Dropbox, PeopleHR and Sage. Although 'OK' as stand-alone products, none of these integrated with each other making daily tasks and tracking even the simplest of things, a chore. "Whilst we had many process systems in place, none of these were talking to each other. I found this to be extremely frustrating" explains Theresa Turner, Director of HR & Marketing at ArtiCAD.

ArtiCAD met with business guidance consultant, David Egerton (now at SME Advantage, a Zoho Advanced Partner), to help plan and implement a business growth strategy. Together they completed an audit of all operational systems within the business. Theresa: "The goal was to systemise everything." With goals outlined, issues pinpointed, David knew "Zoho One would be the perfect fit." It would cater for all of ArtiCAD's needs, plus much more.

Starting with Zoho's comprehensive CRM, ArtiCAD built an end-to-end solution to house their entire customer journey. They initiated a series of simple and extensive workflows to improve customer on-boarding, automate repetitive tasks, and integrate with other applications from the Zoho One ecosystem. Working alongside the CRM, ArtiCAD also integrated separate instances of Zoho Books and Zoho Subscriptions. This set up simplifies payments made in multiple currencies and offers and end-to-end billing solution for their Finance Team.

ArtiCAD uses Zoho Cliq for their internal communication. Zoho Workdrive is used as their central repository. Their support tickets are handled using Zoho Desk. Zoho Analytics plays a vital role in making strategic decisions and Zoho People is used as their HR process to manage team members.

SME Advantage, a Zoho Advanced Partner, were by ArtiCAD's side from initial consultation, through to implementation and beyond. Both ArtiCAD and SME advantage are already in talks to agree a way forward as they look to implement other Zoho applications into the business.

Key Highlights

  • Zoho One saves ArtiCAD £17,000 a year from previous subscription fees.
  • Zoho One's out the box integration improves efficiency by having apps that love talking to each other across every aspect of the business.
  • With the support of SME Advantage, ArtiCAD migrated from SugarCRM to Zoho One in just two weeks.
  • Zoho's user-friendly nature meant their employees needed little to no training.
  • Zoho Desk reduced average support ticket resolution times to just 48 minutes whilst helping happiness ratings to soar.
  • Zoho Sites allowed them to build a new website in just 2 days.