How an HR consultancy in Egypt organized their business process and reduced their client servicing time from two weeks to four days with Zoho One.

The company

Tawzef is a recruitment and HR consultancy based out of Cairo, Egypt. They've been in business since 2013 and provide 360° HR services, specializing in four different service areas⁠—recruitment, outsourcing, HR consultancy, training, and assessment. They hire for their clients as their foremost service, while also setting up HR policies and doing performance evaluations of HR functions. Since they provide different services, they were looking for an ATS (Application Tracking System) that was well integrated with a CRM.

The challenges

  • Organizing candidate data - Candidate applications and resumes were stored in various places. It was getting challenging for recruiters to find them and match the clients' requirements. It was also time-consuming and frustrating. There was limited co-ordination on reporting their day-to-day activities which resulted in inaccuracy on their report and analytics.
  • Task management was an issue, as it was difficult tracking the recruiter responsible for a particular project and its outcome.
  • Time management - There were possibilities of losing projects because everything was deadline-bound, and things not on track.
  • Communication - Their processes were squeezed into huge spreadsheets and a few applications that didn't communicate with each other, creating expensive silos.

The solution

Zoho Recruit was the first app they started using, as recruitment is an operational function for their company. When they recruit people for their clients, they can quickly organize the candidate information the way they wanted. They also had a flow chart of how they wanted the company to function, and Zoho Recruit, with very little change, was able to deliver it to them. Implementation took them less than a week. They now actively use both Zoho CRM and Zoho Recruit as their application tracking system.

They were able to manage their time better with Zoho Projects. As soon as a deal is won, a project is automatically created in Zoho Projects, and a project manager is assigned. Sometimes, when their workload is heavy, they hire freelance consultants, which added to the problem of time and process management. This was another issue solved with Zoho Projects.

Once Zoho One was implemented, CRM and Recruit's tight integration solved the communication issue. The projects created for recruiters showed as job openings in Zoho Recruit, and a notification is triggered to the team lead/manager, so they can assign tasks to their teammates. When the position gets filled, it then creates an invoice in Zoho Books and sends it to the client. This kind of automation saved them time and increased productivity, as they weren't searching for multiple items in multiple apps.

A candidate database is an asset to any recruitment agency. And Tawzef's was all over the place, making it challenging to manage their projects. They had multiple folders with CVs in it, but they didn't want to maintain it, as it was cumbersome. Zoho Recruit brought all the CVs into one place, with easy-to-search functionality. The recruiters were able to find and match candidates for their clients within minutes. They also configured a resume inbox, so when they receive an email with a CV attached, it's stored in the database directly, saving time.

The recruiters screen the candidates over a phone call before matching them up with a client's requirement. The profiling process happens in Zoho Forms. The submitted information is automatically stored as a pdf attachment in CRM against the corresponding candidate. This way clients get 360° picture of the candidate, without much manual effort on the part of the recruiters.

"If I have to talk about how Zoho One changed the way we function, well, I'd need two to three days. It's a fantastic solution, and more like realizing a dream come true for us. Things you can do with the product have no limits, and we're going to be exploring more apps in the suite.

The competition

Before they started using Zoho, Tawzef had most of their information on Google spreadsheets and local systems. When the company grew in size, they needed an ATS.

Tawzef evaluated Odoo, but it wasn't flexible enough to fit their specific requirements.

They then evaluated Oracle Talent and found it to be expensive software with a complicated UI.

They also tested the Google Hire beta, but since it didn't have a subscription model, they decided not to go with it.

Finally, when a Zoho Partner introduced them to Zoho One, they fell in love with it at the first demo.

"Zoho One is the best thing that's happened to us. Our recruiters average productivity increased from 25 to 40 tasks per day and our clients serving time decreased from average two weeks to four days"


"We were sure right from the start that we were dealing with a reputable company that cared about their customer's privacy, and Zoho hasn't disappointed us."

The implementation

Implementation was quite easy, and top management was on board in a few days. It took about six months to get the entire staff on board after training and gradually introducing apps to them.