Enterprise manufacturing company sees 610% ROI with Zoho One by retiring existing legacy applications and increasing sales productivity by $750,000 annually

Barbara Peck,

Analyst - Nucleus Research.

We really saw growth in the start of 2019 when we ramped up our use of Zoho One and this year [2020], we're on track to turn over $20 million

Aaron Ware, Owner

Pedleys Solar.

The advantage of Zoho One is that instead of looking for all the information in different places, we have everything within one tool.

Moria Russell

International Business Development Manager


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    We deployed Zoho One in a couple of weeks and it was user-friendly and quick to adopt. All of a sudden we had the capability to interact with our customers and provide quality engagement proactively.

    Johan du PreezOperations Executive
    Case Study

    Enterprise manufacturing company achieves 610% ROI with Zoho One, thanks to modernization of analytics, reporting, and sales capabilities, among others, enabling them to retire existing legacy applications and increase sales productivity by $750,000 annually.

    Barbara PeckAnalyst - Nucleus Research
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    We rely on Zoho completely in all departments of the company. It is also user-friendly.

    Ahmed SabryCEO

    Zoho One had all the features we wanted at a far more affordable price, and the best thing is the simplicity of having everything in one place.

    James TaggCEO and Co-Founder
    Case Study

    "Zoho One has saved us time, effort and large amounts of money by providing us with easy to deploy, scalable solutions that continue to offer extra functionality day by day."

    Andy TrimmerHead of Technology
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    Case Study

    "Since deploying the Zoho One suite, principals at Rahi Systems are experiencing a more collaborative, and client-centric culture. Zoho One enabled Rahi Systems to expand its ability to deliver more data solutions globally."

    Barbara PeckAnalyst - Nucleus Research
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    Case Study

    "With the Zoho One suite, we were able to sync all our operations and requirements under one brand. Zoho One fixed our communication gap, and all information is now readily accessible across applications for our members," Ayman said."

    Ayman AlibrahimManaging Director
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    From last financial year to this year, we have doubled our turnover and I can guarantee you that Zoho One has had a major impact on it.

    Ryan BakerDirector
    Case Study

    "We really saw growth in the start of 2019 when we ramped up our use of Zoho One and this year [2020], we're on track to turn over $20 million"

    Aaron WareOwner
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    We were losing so much time being on two or three platforms. Being on Zoho One helped us scale way, way faster.

    Francis JobidonCo-founder - Project Management

    There doesn't exist another platform as robust and versatile as Zoho One. It has centralized the data and operations of nearly our entire company.

    Janet LivingstonFounder and President

    "Zoho is embedded in so many different parts of the business that it truly does act as the sole operating system of our company, we’ve been able to expand and handle so much more. "

    Saru SaadehFounder and CEO
    Case Study

    "Zoho One is the best thing that's happened to us. Our recruiters average productivity increased from 25 to 40 tasks per day and our clients serving time decreased from average two weeks to four days."

    Mahmoud SalemManaging Director
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    Case Study

    "We especially like working with Zoho because they're always innovating—it's almost like Zoho knows what our business needs before we do and it's changed how we do business completely."

    Karl AlexanderMarketing Director
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    Case Study

    "With Zoho One in place, I was able to work on the business and focus on growth"

    Mike AcquistoOwner
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    "Zoho One, with its unified suite of business apps, has empowered various teams of Leminar and improved their productivity and efficiency."

    Kartik J RavalGeneral Manager

    "With Zoho One, our process has now become data-oriented and we just love it because we can see what we've done and the impact it makes all the way down on the revenue stream."

    Bob SullivanCo-Founder
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    "To us, Zoho One is one source of truth for our business. As a tool, it's a must-have in any business to manage the whole day!"

    Jacqui AttardCEO

    I will recommend Zoho not only because of its integrations but also for making us more efficient and productive.

    Alejandro Gonzalez SalasCEO and Co-Founder

    Before Zoho we used Salesforce. But the intuitive nature of Zoho makes it very easy to work with. Since we use Zoho One, everytime we want another application, we can do so at no extra cost.

    Micha SmitCommercial Director

    I have cursory experience with software like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. And I can with absolute certainty tell you that Zoho One is the most friendly, most accessible, aside from being inexpensive.

    John HoodOwner

    Zoho One is the cornerstone of our business. With Zoho One I can find everything I am looking for. Their support is top notch. That’s worth more than gold.

    Pascal NoyelAssociate & CEO

    As our processes evolve, so does Zoho One. By customising the system, we are able to customise the company.

    Jake DiReCo-Founder & Acting Vice President

    With Zoho One you never could have dreamt to use these wonderful new features to improve the profitability of your company. But there it is just waiting to be used.

    John LeggOwner

    Zoho One has taken us digitally and it declutters all our work. When all the apps in Zoho One work together, it makes all our processes far easier helping us cater to a larger scale and a bigger cohort.

    Varun MallapragadaSenior Associate Product Line Management

    With minimal resources and time we could implement Zoho to scale from a 2 employee entity to 1500+ Employee Organisation. You can be Startup, Mid Size or an Enterprise, Zoho One is a boon for all.

    Prakarsh GagdaniCEO, 5paisa.com (an IIFL Subsidiary)
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    With the Zoho One suite, we were able to connect 90% of our requirements under one brand with dozens of integrated apps. It saved us time, energy, and resources. Information now travels easily between various departments.

    Stefan RBusiness Development Manager
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    When we went with Salesforce, that’s the most money we spent on software in one day. And we didn’t like it! With Zoho One, we have ten times as many apps, paying just one tenth of what we used to pay.

    Brian AikenFounder
    Case Study

    Zoho One helped save average of $100,000 annually. Enhanced Accounting and auditing, and improved productivity.

    Nucleus Research
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    "I am a choreographer, I am an artist. I never knew I would be able to become a programmer overnight with Zoho."

    Sarah J. EwingRegistrar and Resident Artist

    Life before Zoho was a lot more time consuming. Now, to get that time back to grow the business is invaluable!

    Violet WarnerOwner
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