"It's interesting that we've been able to transfer an entire old system onto one single system and build an entire investor's ecosystem"

Tam Azam, Head of Marketing, Pello Capital

About Pello Capital

Pello Capital started as a private client stockbroking firm called Cornhill Capital in 2004. What began as a diversified stockbroker, with a range of companies in sectors such as commodities, energy and property, is now a specialist leading independent brokerage. Today, it offers a variety of investment products for institutional, corporate and private investors focusing on listed stocks and shares. Pello places customer service and delivery at the forefront of what it does.

The Challenge

The wealth management and stockbroking industry is very traditional in nature and has historically been slow-moving to innovate, especially when it comes to the use of technology. Pello needed to find a solution that could help it drive efficiency and increase the speed of operation. It had to find a solution to transform the experience for internal and external stakeholders while enabling the company to scale exponentially to meet its growth ambitions.

The Solution

Pello started with building custom functions in Zoho CRM, which is used as a centralised data repository to house all customer data and enhance customer experience. It then switched to Zoho One, the platform becoming integral to Pello's business operations.

"In effect we were already using Zoho One, but with about forty other tech companies. They were giving us similar services, but you wouldn't get just one invoice. Zoho One is a much cheaper price point and I really like the way Zoho user pricing works. It's transparent and easy."

- Daniel Gee, CEO and Co-owner, Pello Capital

Today, Pello uses Creator, CRM, Forms, Flow, Cliq, WorkDrive, Analytics, Desk, Sign, Projects, People and Expenses . It has plans to build further customer functionality in the near future as it continues its digital transformation.

"Just because we are ahead of people, doesn't mean we should stop running really fast."

- Daniel Gee, CEO and Co-owner, Pello Capital

Pello's ambition is to deliver a unique customer experience at a much lower cost than the industry norm and it will continue to explore digital solutions as it works to achieve this.

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