Get started with Zoho Analytics quickly, choosing any of the spotlight solutions listed below

Sales Analytics

  • Zoho CRM

    Visually analyze your Zoho CRM data right away using Zoho Analytics, with this seamless connector. Jump start your analysis with 100+ hand picked reports & dashboards. Empower yourself with the right sales performance indicators.

  • Salesforce CRM

    Slice and dice your Salesforce CRM data the way you want. Instantly track your key performance indicators to proactively manage your sales pipeline. Unleash unlimited reporting potentials with this connector.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Dive deep into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. Keep track of critical sales indicators, take informed business decisions, and enrich your sales funnel with valuable insights delivered by the Advanced Analytics connector.

  • HubSpot CRM

    Analyze and derive key actionable insights from your HubSpot CRM data. Track key sales metrics, enhance performance and maximize your sales conversions.

  • Analyze other CRM data

    Import data from CRM solutions such as Insightly CRM, Pipedrive CRM and Base CRM into Zoho Analytics using Flatly.

Marketing Analytics

  • Zoho Campaigns

    Deeply analyze your Zoho Campaigns data. Know how your campaigns perform, understand recipient behaviors, and improve your email marketing strategy for effective conversions.

  • MailChimp

    Perform in-depth email marketing analytics on your MailChimp data. Analyze your open rates and click rates, create conversion funnels, track campaign performance, and do much more.

  • Google Analytics

    SEO/SEM professionals, webmasters, and digital marketers can now slice & dice Google Analytics data the way they want. Analyze key metrics, and optimize SEO/SEM operations, using Zoho Analytics.

  • Google Ads

    Measure the success of your Google Ads campaigns. Track your clicks, conversion rates, cost incurred and more. Create insightful reports and make smart business decisions.

  • bing ads analytics
    Bing Ads

    Increase the effectiveness of your Bing Ad campaigns by tracking key performance indicators such as CTR, CPC, and more. Share insights with peers and device powerful SEM strategies together.

  • Zoho Survey

    Carry out in-depth analysis on your Zoho Survey data. Measure the impact of your surveys, track key metrics, create insightful reports and gain actionable insights.

  • SurveyMonkey

    Extract meaningful insights from your SurveyMonkey data. Track your survey performance, analyze your survey response rate, completion rate, and do much more.

  • SurveyGizmo

    Go beyond responses and get valuable insights from your SurveyGizmo data. Measure and analyze your survey performance, response rate, and do much more.

Social Media Analytics

  • facebook advanced analytics

    Measure and boost your impact on Facebook with in-depth Facebook page and ad analytics. Resonate with your target audience, maximize ROI and optimize your marketing spend.

  • twitter advanced analytics

    Visually analyze and uncover hidden insights from your Twitter data. Run powerful competitive analytics, increase engagement, and make your Twitter marketing campaigns effective.

  • youtube

    Grow your YouTube channel with meaningful insights. Understand your subscribers better and find out what type of content resonates with your target audience. 

Financial Analytics

  • Zoho Books

    Power up financial analytics on top of Zoho Finance. This connector helps you to create insightful reports & dashboards over your Zoho Finance data for in-depth financial analysis

  • QuickBooks

    Empower your financial data in QuickBooks with Advanced Analytics. With this connector, you can analyze your QuickBooks Online data, track your key financial metrics and stay on top of your cashflow.

  • Xero

    Derive deep insights from your Xero data using Advanced Analytics. With this connector, track your overall accounting performance, analyze invoices, generate financial reports and do much more.

  • Stripe

    Analyze your subscription data present in Stripe. Track key subscription metrics such as revenue, churn, retention, and do much more.

  • Zoho Subscriptions

    Get 360° visibility into your subscription transactions with in-depth analytics. Track key payment metrics and customer behavior to maximize your revenue. 

  • Zoho Inventory

    Optimize your inventory and sell smarter with Zoho Inventory Advanced Analytics. Analyze and uncover insights about your products, stocks, orders, sales, and do much more. 

eCommerce Analytics

  • Shopify Advanced Analytics

    Measure, analyze, and run your e-commerce business efficiently with in-depth Shopify analytics. Track key metrics, extract powerful insights and grow your business. 

Project Management Analytics

  • Zoho Projects

    The Zoho Projects connector helps you to get a 360° view of your projects data with Project Management Analytics. Get a head start with more than 50+ pre-packaged reports and dashboards.

  • Zoho Analytics Connector
    Teamwork Projects

    With the Teamwork Projects advanced analytics connector, extract rich insights on your project management data. Empower yourself with key performance metrics and optimize your project execution.

Helpdesk Analytics

  • Zoho Desk

    Slice and dice your Zoho Desk data the way you want. Analyze and track your crucial help desk metrics. Make informed decisions and gain insights into your customer support activity.

  • Zendesk

    Derive insights from your Zendesk data through the powerful analytical capabilities of Zoho Analytics. Track your important help desk metrics and make informed decisions.

  • Zoho Analytics Connector
    Teamwork Desk

    Discover hidden insights from your Teamwork Desk data and drive your business' success. Measure key helpdesk metrics and arrive at the right decisions -faster and with confidence.

  • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

    Jump-start your IT service desk analytics with 80+ pre-packaged reports. Empower yourself with KPIs/CSFs that enable you to optimize your IT operations.

  • ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

    Visually analyze your data in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus. Track your helpdesk's Critical Success Factors (CSFs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

HR Analytics

  • Zoho Recruit

    Perform deeper analytics on your Zoho Recruit data using this connector. Transform your recruitment data into valuable insights and optimize your recruitment process.

  • Zoho People Analytics
    Zoho People

    Visually analyze and understand your business framework, employees, and their roles in your company. Gain powerful insights into billable hours, hiring pattern, and more with in-depth analyze.


  • Why On-demand (SaaS) Reporting and BI?

    On-demand or SaaS BI scores over typical on-premises business intelligence tools in many respects. Also, it is well suited for SMBs.

  • Who should use Zoho Analytics?

    Zoho Analytics can be used across various functional areas and by a wide range of users for their reporting and analytics needs.

  • Zoho Analytics Vs Spreadsheets

    Know how Zoho Analytics is a superior business intelligence tool when compared to spreadsheet applications.

  • White Label for ISVs

    For ISVs/OEMs looking for a reporting solution to be integrated within their product/service, Zoho Analytics offers a complete white label solution.

  • For G-Suite Users

    If your organization uses G-Suite, you now have access to a full-fledged business intelligence solution, from within G-Suite.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Analyze your big data with ease and derive key business insights. Data can be in any source like relational, NoSQL and cloud databases or apps.

  • Chart-Picker Guide

    This chart picker guide offers simple guidelines that enable you to choose the best chart for the occasion.

  • Connect to any Data Source

    Synchronize your data with Zoho Analytics from any data source for analysis & reporting. Data sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically.

  • Moving Data from Databases / Applications

    Understand how you can synchronize or upload data from your databases and apps into Zoho Analytics for powerful reporting & analysis.

  • Reporting on Zoho Creator Apps

    Analyze your business data present in your Zoho Creator apps. Extract key insights and take informed decisions.

  • Visualize Your Data with eSpatial Maps

    Transform your demographics data present in Zoho Analytics into vibrant and interactive maps with eSpatial Mapping Software.

  • Mobile BI

    Access and interact with the reports & dashboards that you create in Zoho Analytics service, from your iOS and Android-powered devices.

"Zoho Analytics—being fast, simple, yet compelling BI software—made our lives easier for importing, integrating, and analyzing data. Visualization is another plus in this product, and dashboards are very appealing."

Maurizio Pisana

IT Manager, Caffè Moak