Zendesk Analytics : Visualize your Data as Zendesk Dashboards & Reports

Zoho Analytics provides you with advanced Zendesk analytics and reporting that helps you to visually analyze your Zendesk data, create insightful reports and dashboards to track your helpdesk metrics. Also share Zendesk dashboards and collaborate with your colleagues, during report creation and analysis.

Zendesk dashboards

Advanced analytics for Zendesk

Zoho Analytics lets you easily analyze all of your data in Zendesk. Slice and dice your Zendesk data the way you want. Make informed decisions and gain insights into your customer support activity. Analyze and track agents' performance, NPS score, ticket inflow, satisfaction rating, and much more.

  • Agent performance analytics

    Get the big support picture with vital customer service metrics like ticket inflow, channel traffic, agent workload, and happiness ratings. Agents can track tickets that need urgent attention, and managers can analyze agent performance and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Track your SLA compliance

    Keep track of deadlines based on elapsed time, request categories, and agent workload. Resolve requests based on priorities, and get notified instantly when the set threshold is crossed to prevent SLA breaches.

  • Data blending

    Combine your data from other apps such as Salesforce CRM, Quickbooks, etc for cross functional analysis. For example, create a deals won vs tickets raised to see how your support has impacted the conversion rate.

Zendesk analytics dashboard
Advanced Zendesk reporting
Zendesk data analytics dashboards

Key features of Zendesk analytics tool

2 Million Users. 50 Million Visualizations. 1 Analytics Platform.

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    Collaborative analytics

    Develop reports together with your support team and share the data and reports securely with fine-grained access controls.

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    Ready-made visualizations

    Get access to 75+ hand-picked, readymade reports and dashboards that you're sure to use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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    Email, export and print reports

    Export or print reports for offline access. Simplify your workday by scheduling reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically.

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    Wide variety of charts

    Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.

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    Smart AI assistant

    Type out your questions, and see Zia, our AI-powered assistant, come up with suitable answers in the form of reports and KPI widgets.

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    Embedded analytics

    Get a powerful reporting and analytics solution in your brand name, embedded within your product/application or set up as a standalone portal.

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"I have, and will continue to share with others, my ringing endorsement of Zoho Analytics. With the fantastically friendly user interface, phenomenal customer support, and cost-effective pricing, Zoho Analytics has really hit a sweet spot."

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