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Access your data, reports and dashboards anywhere, anytime.500,000 Businesses. 2 Million Users. 50 Million Reports and Dashboards. 1 BI App

Cool visualization options

Visualize your data by using a wide variety of charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets and summary/tabular views and dashboards.

Interactive reports

Interact with reports and dashboards through an immersive touch experience to handle actions like drill down, filters, and selection.

Interactive Mobile Business Intelligence Dashboards - Zoho Analytics

Automatic Organization of Reports

Your reports are auto-segregated based on type, folders and related views. Favorite the reports you like or use the most.

Share and Collaborate

Share your reports with your colleagues. Provide fine-grained permissions on shared reports.

Share and Collaborate on Zoho Analytics BI App

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Verified Reviewer from App Store

This app comes handy on the go. I have been pleased using this app. I would recommend Zoho Analytics as a business intelligence tool with not only Zoho Products, but for data from other applications and also for unstructured data and Excel uploads.

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