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Get your hands on business critical insights with our immersive, interactive and powerful mobile BI apps, native to both Android and iOS platforms.

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Zoho Analytics Mobile Apps
Zoho Analytics Mobile BI

Zoho Analytics Mobile BI

  • Dynamic analysis through interactive visualizations
  • AI-powered conversational analytics
  • Native user interface with creative gestures
  • Real-time collaboration and notification
  • Enterprise-grade security across mobile apps
  • Available for both cloud and on-premise deployments

Analytics on the move

Reduce your time-to-insights with our apps for your mobile workforce

Zoho Analytics Mobile App

Full-featured mobile app for Zoho Analytics. Access, interact and explore analytics capabilities on the go with this immersive mobile app.

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Zoho Analytics - Dashboards App

Readily access and interact with all your dashboards in Zoho Analytics, using our purpose-built mobile app.

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“Time factor is the difference when it comes to Zoho Analytics. If somebody asks us for information and we need to analyze it, we prefer Zoho Analytics - a simple, quick, intuitive tool that allows easy collaboration across devices. Now we can check reports on the go.”


“We love the ability to have a conversation with Ask Zia (Zoho's AI assistant) and we enjoy the way it answers without losing track of the context. Zoho Analytics is always part of our daily workflow and is one of the best BI tools in the market.”