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Feature updates and bug fixes

This page will list the details of new features and bug fixes in Zoho Creator

Friday, January24 , 2015

  • Fix - In Custom Action, display in "Edit Menu" deselected automatically after re-saving view definition, that issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - CC and BCC in send mail task were not re-generated which has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in send mail task has been fixed when "To" address is a String variable which has multiple Email address separated by comma.
  • Fix - View fetch error occurred when lookup related field was used in criteria of custom action, which has been fixed.
  • Fix - Record Summary showing junk value for lookup based on number field which value is null.
  • Fix - Column width reset issue has beed fixed.

Wednesday, January21 , 2015

  • Enhancement - User interface of Backup and Restore in setup page is improved for more convenience access.
  • Enhancement - Search Supported in Backup List page.
  • Enhancement - Logs supported for Backup and Restored Apps.

Friday, January09 , 2015

  • Fix - Invalid Date and Date-time formats has been sent in email notification of rules, that has been fixed now.
  • Fix - Issue in setting value in add to parent form for combined look-up field which has Date field is now working properly.
  • Fix - For Org users new username has not reflected in user's default work space and their users.
  • Fix - Search in shared app listing page is now working for org account.
  • Fix - Error message will be thrown while deleting field which is referred in custom action from now onwards.
  • Fix - Import from cloud option in customer portal has been removed.
  • Fix - Issue in loading captcha in customer portal form is fixed now.
  • Fix - URL redirection after portal login is fixed

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