Corporate Tax in UAE

Corporate Tax is a direct tax imposed by the Ministry of Finance on all UAE businesses with net profits exceeding AED 375,000. This document will guide you through the process of generating your Corporate Tax returns and recording the corresponding payment in Zoho Books.

Note: This feature is available only for certain plans of Zoho Books. Visit the pricing page to check if it’s available in your current plan.

Prerequisite: Before configuring Corporate Tax in Zoho Books, you need to register your business for Corporate Tax in the EmaraTax portal.

Set Up Corporate Tax

To set up Corporate Tax for your organization in Zoho Books:

Corporate Tax Settings

Generate Corporate Tax Returns

Once you have configured your Corporate Tax settings, you can generate your tax returns from the Corporate Tax module. Here’s how:

Note: Ensure that you file your corporate tax return within 9 months of the fiscal year-end date. Once you mark the tax return as filed in Zoho Books, you will be able to generate a new tax return.

Record Corporate Tax Payments

Once you have paid the tax amount to the government, you can record the payment in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Protip: To record partial payments for your tax returns, enter the specific amount in the Amount Paid field.

Payment History

Once you have recorded the tax payments, you can easily access and review them in the Payments History section. Here’s how:

Configure Access Permissions

If you are the admin of your organization, you can give other users permission to perform actions related to tax returns and tax payments in the Corporate Tax module. Here’s how:

Create New Role Provide permissions

The users will now be able to create, file, delete, and perform other actions related to tax payments and tax returns in the Corporate Tax module.

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