Create & Send Purchase Orders

Lifecycle of Purchase Order

Status Description
Draft Purchase orders when created will be in Draft status before sending to the contact
Open Purchase order once sent to the contact will be changed to Sent status.
Billed Purchase order once accepted by your vendor can be converted as a bill and the status will be shown as Billed.
Cancelled If the vendor does not agree for your purchase order, then the order can be cancelled and will be shown as Cancelled.

Enabling Purchase Order

Navigate to the Preferences tab under the Settings page, Choose the General option from the preferences list and check the Purchase Orders option from Select the modules you would like to enable and click on Save to enable purchase order.

Enable purchase orders

Creating a New Purchase Item

Before you proceed to creating a purchase order, you can create an item.

Creating a new account: Create a new Cost of Goods sold(COGS) account in the Chart of accounts tab under settings found in the left bottom corner. The COGS account is necessary to map the item that is purchased, to your accounting books.

Creating a new item: If you would be buying an item on a regular basis, you can create the item as a purchase item and map the same to a COGS account that you already have(If you do not have one, create a new COGS account). You can create it in the items tab under settings, or when creating the purchase order.

Creating a New Purchase Order

New purchase Order

Enter the details for the vendor related fields

Purchase order new customer

Purchase order  - Select customer

Purchase order - New Customer

Purchase order  - new number

Enter the Item Details for the Purchase Order.

Purchase order - New Item

Items in purchase order

items in purchase order

Creating new purchase order

Changing template in purchase order

P.S: Templates can be customized by navigating to Setting > More Settings >Templates and choosing from the purchase order templates. Learn more about associating templates to specific contact.

Creating a Purchase Order from Contacts

Creating purchase order in contact

Converting Purchase Order to a Bill
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