Adding Transactions

Sometimes, you might want to record manual transactions for your bank or credit card accounts. This usually occurs when the transaction is not listed in the bank feeds but needs to be recorded for your business.

Creating manual transactions

Note: Once the transaction has been recorded, it will be labelled as Manually Added.

Editing or deleting a manually added transaction

Once you add a manual transaction for a bank or credit card account, you can edit or delete it. Here’s how:

You can either:

  1. Click the Edit icon to change the transaction details.
  2. Click the Delete icon to delete the manually recorded transaction.
    Add Transaction

Money Out

Here, a list of your purchase accounts are displayed. In a business you will have to pay for your vendors, transfer money, pay for your purchases and record expenses.
Add Transaction

Money In

Here, a list of your sales accounts are displayed. These accounts are used for recording the money that your customers pay, interests generated, refunds on expenses, deposits and other sources of income for your business.
Add Transaction

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