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Multichannel Inventory Management

Manage your orders, sync inventory with your ecommerce channels, and expand your reach using Zoho Inventory.

Dashboard-Online Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory

International transactions

Multichannel Inventory | Zoho Inventory

Buy and sell globally

Cross-border transactions are now hassle-free using Zoho Inventory. Buy and sell products internationally using your customers' and vendors' own currencies.

Crossborder selling | Zoho Inventory

Never worry about exchange rates

Perform business across borders with ease. Zoho Inventory automatically calculates and converts your international transactions to your base currency.

Multilingual Inventory management | Zoho Inventory

Multi-lingual templates

Speak to your customers in their own language. Customise your invoices according to your customers' native language ensuring easy communication.

Payment Inventory Management | Zoho Inventory

Faster payments

Offer convenient payment options

Customers can make payments instantly with a convenient payment link. Zoho Inventory integrates with major payment gateways such as PayPal and Razorpay to make seamless payments.

Avoid data entry errors

Say goodbye to manual data entry errors. Your invoices get automatically updated when a payment is received from the customer.

  • Multichannel selling

  • Shopify Inventory Management | Zoho Inventory
    Manage multiple Shopify stores

    Save yourself the inconvenience of repeated logins. Zoho Inventory allows you to manage multiple Shopify accounts.

  • Warehouse Inventory Management | Zoho Inventory
    Adjust stock levels automatically

    Avoid stock blocking for your sales channels using Zoho Inventory. Product levels are updated across all channels when an order is received in any channel, eliminating unnecessary overstocking.

  • Online Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory
    Integrate multiple channels

    Expand your reach and maximize your sales by integrating with popular online sales channels such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Shopify.

  • Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory
    Manage multiple platforms in a single window

    Manage all your orders under one inventory management app. Eliminate the need to switch between windows to track your stock status, sales orders, invoices, customers, and vendor contacts.

  • Cloud Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory
    Avoid stockouts

    Prevent out-of-stock situations. Monitor your quantities across different sales channels on a common dashboard with Zoho Inventory. Set reorder levels to get notified every time a product needs to be reordered.

Multichannel Inventory reports
Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory
FIFO tracking report

Calculate the value of your stock automatically using real-time FIFO reports in Zoho Inventory. Every item in your inventory is matched with its respective sales order and accurately accounted for.

Online Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory
Make informed decisions

Zoho Inventory's real-time reports help you identify your frequently-bought items, create accurate budgets and assess each item's performance.

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