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Inventory Management System for businesses selling on eBay

Try Zoho Inventory to centralize your online and offline orders from multiple sources. It's time to focus on what helps your business grow. Move beyond "Receive. Resell. Repeat" to find your Revenue.

Who is this for?

  • Sellers and resellers

    of products on and who need an inventory management system that can work well with eBay orders.
  • E-commerce businesses

    that sell on eBay and need advanced inventory tools and basic warehouse management tools.
  • Business owners

    who are planing to sell their new and refurbished items on eBay and need a way to centralize their online and offline orders.

What can this do for you?

  • Purchase order management:

    Set reorder and out-of-stock alerts to restock items from preferred vendors on time. You can also enable approval mechanisms for purchases made by your employees.

  • Serialized inventory:

    Keep track of products coming into your warehouse as you buy from vendors or receive stock from your other warehouses. Associate serial numbers with sales orders as they come in from eBay.

  • Order tracking:

    Customize your order sync time according to your business needs. Receive every order with payment and shipping information. If you self-fulfill your orders, you can integrate your Zoho Inventory and AfterShip to track shipments in real time.

  • Multi-warehouse management:

    Do you operate from more than one location? Enable multiple warehouses in Zoho Inventory and ship goods from the warehouse that's closest to your eBay customer.

  • High inflow management:

    Zoho Inventory automatically syncs all of your eBay orders and updates your stock levels in real time. At times of high demand and low supplies, you can either mark an eBay order for drop shipment, or put the low-stock items on back order.

  • Accounting integrations:

    Zoho Inventory can be seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books to manage your accounts, taxes, banking and business reporting.

How does the integration work?

Awards & Accolades

"Zoho Inventory streamlines operations for businesses, enabling them to manage their inventory, sales & purchase orders and shipments more effectively."

"Named among the Best inventory management software products of 2018 by PC Mag India."

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