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The Zoho Inventory API allows you to perform all the operations that you do with our web client.

Zoho Inventory API is built using REST principles which ensures predictable URLs that makes writing applications easy. This API follows HTTP rules, enabling a wide range of HTTP clients which can be used to interact with the API.

Every resource is exposed as a URL. The URL of each resource can be obtained by accessing the API Root Endpoint.

API Root Endpoint

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Organization ID

In Zoho Inventory, your business is termed as an organization. If you have multiple businesses, you simply set each of those up as an individual organization. Each organization is an independent Zoho Inventory Organization with it’s own organization ID, base currency, time zone, language, contacts, reports, etc.

The parameter organization_id along with the organization ID should be sent in with every API request to identify the organization.

The organization_id can be obtained from the GET /organizations API’s JSON response. Alternatively, it can be obtained from the Manage Organizations page in the admin console:

Login to the Zoho Inventory admin console. Click the drop down with organization’s name as the label and click Manage Organizations.

Request Example

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$ curl https://www.zohoapis.com/inventory/v1/organizations?authtoken=ba46xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoec5

Response Example

{ "code": 0, "message": "success", "organizations": [ { "organization_id": "10234695", "name": "Zillum", "contact_name": "John Smith", "email": "johnsmith@zillum.com", "is_default_org": false, "language_code": "en", "fiscal_year_start_month": 0, "account_created_date": "2016-02-18", "time_zone": "PST", "is_org_active": true, "currency_id": "460000000000097", "currency_code": "USD", "currency_symbol": "$", "currency_format": "###,##0.00", "price_precision": 2 }, {...}, {...} ] }

Multiple Data Centers

Zoho Inventory is hosted at multiple data centers, and therefore available on different domains.

There are 4 different domains for Zoho Inventory's APIs, and you will have to use the one that is applicable to you.

Data Center Domain Base API URI
United States .com https://www.zohoapis.com/inventory/
Europe .eu https://www.zohoapis.eu/inventory/
India .in https://www.zohoapis.in/inventory/
Australia .com.au https://www.zohoapis.com.au/inventory/
Japan .jp https://www.zohoapis.jp/inventory/

The APIs on this page are for organizations in Zoho Inventory that are hosted on the .com domain. If your organization is on a different domain, then you must replace .com with the appropriate domain for API endpoints on this page before using them.

Note: To find out which domain you're accessing Zoho Inventory from, visit the Zoho Inventory web app and check its URL. If the URL contains inventory.zoho.com, then you're accessing it from the .com domain. If the URL contains inventory.zoho.in, you're accessing it from the .in domain. Similarly, you could be accessing Zoho Inventory from the .eu or .com.au domain.

For example, here's how you would modify the domain in an API endpoint for the .eu domain:

API endpoint for the .com domain, as available on this page:


API endpoint after replacing the .com domain with .eu:


API Call Limit

API calls are limited to provide better quality of service and availability to all the users. The limits on total requests per day are listed below for each plan:

  • Free Plan - 1000 API requests/day
  • Standard Plan- 2000 requests/day
  • Professional Plan- 5000 requests/day
  • Premium Plan- 10000 requests/day
  • Elite Plan- 10000 requests/day
  • Ultimate Plan- 10000 requests/day

A threshold of 30 API requests per minute applies for all the APIs