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Breathe new life into your business with

barcode inventory management

All businesses, whether big or small, require smart management. Introduce barcode-based inventory management to improve your accuracy and efficiency, streamline your fulfillment process, and free up more time.

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More data means more control

Enjoy complete control over your products. Just point your scanner at a barcode to track individual items or products in a range or assembly line. This way you'll know exactly what you have, so you'll never run out of stock and miss a sale.

Greater Accuracy

Greater accuracy 

Automate your entire workflow and ease up on manual data entry while also reducing the chance of human errors. Barcode-based workflows mean better records of each action, which means it's easier to find and fix errors.

Serial Number and Batch Tracking

Serial number and batch tracking

Scan barcodes to track individual items from production to sale with serial number tracking. Batch tracking helps you keep track of expiration dates and trace defective items for recall or replacement.

Efficient Inventory Monitoring

Efficient inventory monitoring

Easily reconcile discrepencies between actual and recorded stock. Barcode scanners make stock taking faster, more accurate, and more reliable.  This data will help you get more visibility stock vs sales, with intuitive dashboard and insightful reports.

Professional Outlook

Professional outlook

Introduce a professional touch to your business with barcode scanning. Significantly reduce clients' wait time by adding item details to your invoices with a quick scan.

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