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QuickBooks Inventory Management with Zoho Inventory Integration

QuickBooks online and Zoho Inventory integration bring out of the best of both the worlds - Accounting and advanced inventory management at a single place. A complete financial integration for growing businesses

How does the QuickBooks Online and Zoho Inventory integration save you time?

The best part of software integration is that concurrent data sync across two platforms saves time and avoids errors. Let's look at how integrating QuickBooks Online and Zoho Inventory will make it easier to manage your business data.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Software - Zoho Inventory Integration

What are the different modules that sync between QuickBooks Online and Zoho Inventory?

Automatic payment status updates in QuickBooks online

Auto-update in payment status

Besides keeping records of your transactions, you also need to track their status. Every time you mark a bill or invoice as paid in Zoho Inventory, the payment status is also updated in QuickBooks Online

Automatic payment status updates in QuickBooks online

Credit Notes

Credit notes created in Zoho Inventory, will also get added in your QuickBooks Online account. This ensures that your sales return records are at tandem in both the applications

Vendor bills gets transferred from Zoho Inventory to QuickBooks online

Vendors bills sync

Maintain good relationships with your vendors, and keep tabs on your payables regardless of which application you're using. Billing data gets transferred from Zoho Inventory to QuickBooks Online the moment it is created.

QuickBooks online chart of accounts mapped in Zoho Inventory

Integrate accounts during creation

Keep your financial statements accurate with detailed accounts. Your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online gets mapped to Zoho Inventory, and vice-versa, only at the time of creation of the account. This way all the account names are visible in both the applications

Invoice sync with QuickBooks online

Automatic invoice mapping

Zoho Inventory keeps your invoicing stylish, precise, and current. Your invoices get added in QuickBooks Online the moment you create them in Zoho Inventory, so you always know which customers have yet to pay and which have already paid.

Vendor sync from QuickBooks online

Collaborate vendor data

You can sync your vendor data into Zoho Inventory too. When you get a quote from a prospective supplier, you can add the details in QuickBooks Online and see them automatically reflected in Zoho Inventory as well.

Customer contacts in QuickBooks online gets imported in Zoho Inventory

Compile customer contacts

Don't spend time syncing contacts between two different applications. When you add a new contact in QuickBooks Online, it gets automatically added in Zoho Inventory, helping you save time while recording future transactions.

Stock journal gets updated in QuickBooks online

Inventory adjustments in stock journal

Inventory adjustments done in Zoho Inventory, gets updated in the stock journal in QuickBooks Online. Based on the positive or negative adjustment the stock on hand and Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) record gets recorded in QuickBooks Online. This way your stock journal is updated with all the transactions

Our customers love using Zoho Inventory with QuickBooks Online

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Note: Reviews were taken from the Intuit QuickBooks app store.

How can the Zoho Inventory integration complete your inventory management process?

Zoho Inventory can boost your current inventory management process by synchronizing and centralizing your daily activities, and cutting down on manual work. Here's a quick overview of its advanced inventory management features:

Marketplace integration with Zoho Inventory

Marketplace integration

Zoho Inventory integrates with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. The items in your online store get automatically mapped to Zoho Inventory, and your sales orders and item levels get updated at custom intervals.

Zoho Inventory multi-warehouse management feature

Multi-warehouse management

As your business expands, you need more space to store your items. Zoho Inventory keeps track of items in multiple warehouses, keeps your operations accurate and systematic.

Barcode scanning feature of Zoho Inventory

Barcode scanning

Using a barcode scanner with Zoho Inventory is simple and convenient. Installation involves only a few steps, and a wide range of barcode scanners are supported.

Zoho Inventory and AfterShip integration

Delivery tracking

Order fulfillment doesn't end with creating shipments! The Zoho Inventory and AfterShip integration allows you to notify your customers every time their packages are transferred.

Zoho Inventory integration with shipping carriers

Shipping label

Zoho Inventory is integrated with more than 40 shipping carriers around the world. You can integrate your existing shipping account with Zoho Inventory, and create shipping labels without needing to log in your shipping account separately.

QuickBooks online chart of accounts mapped in Zoho Inventory


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