Manage and fulfill orders on the go

Meet your clients and close deals upfront with
Zoho Inventory mobile app


Item details
at your fingertips

All the item details in one click

From sale rates to availability, get all the item information you need in just one click.

Spend less time dealmaking
and more time selling

Spend less time in closing deals

Create a sales order in a jiffy by just filling in the customer and item information.

Save conversion time and
get paid quickly

Convert, save time and get paid quickly

Convert your sales order into an invoice with all the details automatically filled in.

Real-time updates on the packaging status

Real-time updates on the packaging status

Get real-time updates to know if an item has been packed, shipped or delivered.

Coming Soon

Best things come to those who wait.

We don't like to keep you waiting, but you just can't rush greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are there any other features?

    We have many features designed to make running your business easier:

    Scan barcode: You can add items in your sales orders by scanning barcodes with your mobile phone camera.

    Item grouping: Group items based on common attributes.

    Send invoices instantly: After creating an invoice, you can instantly send it to your customer via email.

    Record payment: Once you receive the payment, you can confirm it through the mobile app.

    Initiate Shipment: Select your shipping carrier and send goods from your mobile device.

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    How much does it cost?

    The inventory app and Zoho Inventory account are completely free.

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    When does the data sync?

    All transactions recorded in the mobile app are synced instantly, provided you have a working internet connection.

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    Is there an Android app available?

    We are currently developing an Android app and will be launching it very soon.

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    If I add an additional user to my organization, will they be able to access this app?

    Yes, they can download the app and get access to all the above features.

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