Simplify ecommerce inventory management with Zoho Inventory

Manage your orders across multiple sales channels with Zoho Inventory, the all-in-one ecommerce inventory solution. Scale your operations, automate stock updates and fulfillment in real time, and boost customer satisfaction.

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Organize and grow your ecommerce operations with Zoho Inventory

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Multichannel Sales | Ecommerce Inventory Software - Zoho Inventory

Multichannel sales

Zoho Inventory makes selling across multiple sales channels simple. Manage and expand your online business with a comprehensive order management system.

  • Integrate with popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as marketplaces like Shopify
  • Sync stock levels across sales channels
  • Fulfill orders from a centralized system
Payment Integrations | Ecommerce Inventory Software - Zoho Inventory

Online payments

Connect Zoho Inventory with online payment gateways and ensure a secure, swift, and convenient mode of receiving payments.

  • Integrate with 10 payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe
  • Enjoy faster and more effortless payments from customers
  • Update invoice statuses in real time automatically
Item Grouping and Bundling | Ecommerce Inventory Software - Zoho Inventory

Item bundling

Propel your ecommerce business to the next level by categorizing items and creating targeted product bundles.

  • Classify items based on distinctive attributes like size, color, and brands
  • Create special product bundles with flexible pricing options
  • Generate item names and SKUs automatically
Detailed Reports | Ecommerce Inventory Software - Zoho Inventory


Get detailed reports and insights on your business performance with Zoho Inventory. Make data-driven decisions and grow in the direction you want.

  • Analyze the performance of different sales channels
  • Identify fast-selling items and study sales trends
  • Export detailed reports in minutes
Packages & Shipments | Ecommerce Inventory Software - Zoho Inventory

Order fulfillment

Simplify order fulfillment by creating packages and shipments for multiple orders. Save time by fulfilling orders from different channels in a single place.

  • Track package movement and initiate shipping seamlessly
  • Integrate with 40+ shipping carriers to stay on top of your shipments
  • Generate shipping labels and send real-time updates to customers

Here's why Zoho Inventory is preferred for multi-channel ecommerce inventory management

Mobile apps

Zoho Inventory's mobile app for Android and iOS helps you stay connected and close deals wherever you are.

Popular integrations

Zoho Inventory integrates with a wide range of ecommerce, marketplace, and shipping platforms to make your daily operations easy.

Advanced inventory tracking

Track different items as they move through your inventory with Zoho Inventory's serial number and batch tracking functions.

Free support

Zoho Inventory's versatile support team will resolve your queries via call, email, or chat irrespective of your plan.

Warehouse management

Zoho Inventory enables you to transfer orders between warehouses, generate picklists, and dispatch orders from the nearest warehouse seamlessly.


Zoho Inventory helps you save time by simplifying tedious processes like triggering late fees or providing discounts with custom functions and webhooks.

Sync your inventory across popular ecommerce channels

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