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A simplified inventory management solution for manufacturers

Customize, automate and streamline operations for your manufacturing business

A sneak peek into the features
of our manufacturing inventory software

Product bundling feature in Zoho Inventory

Product bundling

With the product bundling feature of Zoho Inventory, you can create a new product offering by combining a primary and an ancillary item from your stock. Once you've created a bundle, you can keep track of it and customize it to ensure customer satisfaction every single time.

Track and manage stock at multiple warehouses

Multi-warehouse management

If you maintain several warehouses to store stock at different manufacturing stages, you may find your day-to-day inventory tracking taxing. With Zoho Inventory, you can manage inter-warehouse transfers without breaking a sweat. Keep track of individual units and expiration dates with the serial number and batch tracking features.

Merge multiple orders with Zoho Inventory

Order merging

Creating separate invoices, packing slips and shipments for multiple orders from the same customers can be time-consuming and frustrating. With the order merging feature, you can combine them all under a single sales order and process it in one go. Bundle orders together and fulfill them quickly.

RFID and barcode scanning for manufacturing business

RFID and barcode

Capture the RFID tag or barcode of an item with a simple point and click. Scan products to map SKUs while adding stock, enter product details on invoices, or to conduct shelf counts. This way you can manage a lot of your daily tasks with minimum manual labor and much simplicity.

Upload many images for your manufactured product

Multiple item images

Give an all-around view of your manufactured product. Upload multiple images to make every dimension visible to the customer. You can also upload images to highlight packaging details, safety standards, or certifications to boost customer trust and confidence.

Some more features to
support your manufacturing business

Manage promotional pricing with Zoho Inventory

Price lists

Manage promotional pricing for your loyal customers with the price list feature. Create, import and export price lists and manage product discounts effortlessly. Save yourself time and ease the pain of uploading the pricing details of each item individually.

Multi-currency compliant manufacturing software

Multi-currency compliance

A manufacturer always has to be open to global opportunities. With Zoho Inventory you can be well-prepared wherever your business takes you. You can purchase, sell, and value your stock in multiple currencies with conversion rates updated automatically every day.

Manage Packaging, Shipping, and post-shipment updates with Zoho Inventory

Shipment and tracking

Get specific real-time rates for shipping your package. Based on the type of package and shipping carrier, Zoho Inventory will automatically populate the rate. Once you have dispatched the package, you can track its movement with the help of AfterShip integration.

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By attending this demo, you'll receive $50 in Zoho Wallet credits on us. Cheers!



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