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A packing slip is a document that lists the package's contents, delivery address, and customer name. It's attached to the package to make it easy to identify during dispatch.

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Usage Description

The Zoho Inventory packing slip template is a free, ready-to-use tool for making the packaging process easier. Download the template, fill in information in the predesigned fields, then just hit the print button and you're good to go.

Why you need a packing slip

In a trading business, the packing slip is like an ID card for the package, which keeps it from getting lost or misidentified as it exchanges hands and travels from one place to another. Here are four reasons why you should always attach a packing slip to your packages:

Easy identification

Details of a packing slip like item description, weight, dimensions, and customer address act as an identification and help the warehouse and shipping company to get all the necessary details without opening it.

Damage control

A package slip can come to the rescue when the shipping label gets lost or damaged during transit. With this, the courier staff can still identify the shipping address and complete the delivery on time.

Quick inspection

A packing slip can also be used to add an appropriate government-accredited seal on its surface. This is mostly necessary for international shipments to meet the requirements of the custom department.

Real-time communication

By sending a copy of a packing slip, the customer can be kept updated about what they should be expecting in their order delivery. It will let them know that their order is on its way and also gives them a chance to check the contents of the slip.

Key components of Package Slip

Packing Slip Template | Items


This is the most crucial part of any order and also the packing slip. While you mention the items in the packing slip, make sure you mention only those items that are inside the package.

Packing Slip Template | Customer Address

Customer address

A wrong customer address can obviously lead to incorrect delivery. Before you dispatch a package, make sure you check the billing and shipping addresses against your sales order.

Packing Slip Template | Notes


Customer notes help you state the terms and conditions of your company explicitly on any document. If you've set a different payment terms for your customers, this will be a good place to include them.

Packing Slip Template | Packing Slip

Packing slip #

Make sure you follow a consistent packing slip numbering pattern and list the slip number in each packing slip. It helps in cross-checking inventory data and locating records related to the shipment.

Packing Slip Template | Company Details

Company details

Your company logo, name, slogan, and address can help the shipping company recognize your packages and know where to send them in case of package returns.

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