Zoho Inventory and Envia

Integrate your Zoho Inventory account with Envia to make your shipping process easy, quick and cost-effective

About Envia

With 87% of online shoppers choosing delivery time as their top priority, your shipment operations need to be fast and advanced. Adding multiple shipping integrations to your inventory software one at a time is tedious, but Envia makes it easy for you to choose and manage all your shipping integrations in one place. It's a single platform that helps you ship items via 25+ shipping carriers, track their movement, and even generate shipping labels.
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Before you begin, you need to have:

  • A Zoho Inventory account
  • An Envia account

Benefits of integrating Zoho Inventory and Envia

Faster shipments

Your ready-to-ship items in Zoho Inventory automatically appear along with the address details in Envia for a quicker and easier shipment experience

Easy comparison

You can compare the rates and delivery times for multiple shipping carriers in a single place and choose the best option for your needs

Easy pickup

If you can't drop off the package for shipment, you can request pickup by the shipping carrier within the Envia app before you generate the shipping label

Quick labeling

Once you've decided on a shipping carrier, you can generate and download a compatible shipping label from the same screen

Effortless tracking

The shipment status of each order gets automatically updated in Zoho Inventory so you can track its movement from inside the app

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