Zoho Inventory and 2Ship

Integrate your Zoho Inventory account with 2Ship to manage your shipments the easy way.

About 2Ship

When you have the right shipping tool for your business, you can deliver your items to any location. If you've been looking for such a tool, then check out 2Ship. The 2Ship app brings all the shipping services under one roof, allowing you to compare the shipping rates of multiple carriers, generate shipping labels, and track the movement of your packages.

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Before you begin, you need to have:

  • A Zoho Inventory account
  • A 2Ship account

Benefits of integrating Zoho Inventory and 2Ship

Best option

2Ship allows you to choose the shipping carrier that offers the best price and the best delivery date.

Centralized information

All your shipment data in Zoho Inventory gets pushed to 2Ship so you can view and track your information in a single screen, with a single login.

Easy documentation

You can upload the customs documentation for international shipments electronically, and generate special forms to comply with the FCC, FDA, NAFTA, and other international trade standards.

Intelligent shipping

The consolidation feature mixes different modes of transportation to maximize your savings on freight charges and brokerage fees.

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