Billable Expenses

  1. When do I mark an expense as reimbursable?
  2. Can I create a billable expense without adding a customer?
  3. Why am I not able to see the project which I created in Zoho Books?
  4. How do I raise an invoice for a billable expense?
  5. Why are my employees getting the error, “Plan limit exceeded” while uploading receipts?


  1. Who can create customers in Zoho Expense?
  2. Can the submitters and approvers add customers in Zoho Expense? If yes, how?
  3. Can I add an organization as my contact?
  4. What should I do if I stop doing business with a customer?


  1. Why do I need expense categories?
  2. Can I add a new category if required?
  3. What are inactive categories? How do I mark a category as inactive?
  4. Why am I unable to view the sub-categories while creating expenses?
  5. Where can I set general rules for categories?
  6. Can I set up special rules for some categories?
  7. How to set up limitation on the number of expenses a user can record under an expense category?
  8. Can I restrict some users from viewing all the categories?
  9. How do I view the category which I created in Zoho Books under Zoho Expense?
  10. How do I customise fields displayed on the expense creation page based on expense category?

Mileage Expenses

  1. How do I change the default unit for mileage?
  2. How do I add a new mileage rate?
  3. How do I edit an added mileage rate?
  4. How do I remove a mileage rate?
  5. What is a default rate? How do I add a default rate?
  6. What is a default mileage category?
  7. Can I set a different category as my default category for mileage expenses?

Reporting an Expense

  1. What is an expense’s expiry period?


  1. I could not find the currency I was looking for in the existing list. Can I add a new currency in Zoho Expense?
  2. How are exchange rates assigned for expenses incurred in foreign currencies?
  3. How often are the currency exchange rates updated?
  4. From where do you fetch exchange rates for foreign currencies?
  5. How do I enable or disable automated currency conversion in Zoho Expense?
  6. Who can edit the exchange rates?


  1. Can I add paid through accounts in Zoho Expense?
  2. As an Admin, I would like to obtain additional information about the expenses from my submitters. How do I do that?
  3. Can I assign a delegate to perform my tasks?
  4. What information does the History section provide about an expense entry or an expense report?
  5. Who are the Attendees in an expense?
  6. What are the formats in which I can import and export my expenses?
  7. Can I make all expenses reimbursable by default?
  8. How do I export approved expenses from Zoho Expense to Zoho Books?
  9. Why am I not able to view fields like Tax, Project etc, in my expense creation form?
  10. Does Zoho Expense detect duplicate expenses?
  11. How to restrict users from overspending?
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