1. Why haven’t the employees received the invite email for joining my organization in Zoho Expense?
  2. How do I verify my email address in Zoho Expense?
  3. How do I send emails to my employees from multiple email addresses?
  4. What is your storage policy?
  5. What are your hours of operation?
  6. Is Zoho Expense a mobile-only app? How can someone access Zoho Expense if they donโ€™t have a smartphone?
  7. Can I access all files and scans at anytime?
  8. Why do the organization details that I update in Zoho Expense get updated in Zoho Books?
  9. Is there an expiry period for the invitation link?
  10. How do I customize the invitation email sent to the users?
  11. What will happen if a user is deleted from an organization in Zoho Expense?
  12. Do the users in the Inactive status take up a license? Will marking a user inactive downgrade their license automatically?
  13. Can I add a user to the users list now and provide access to my organization in Zoho Expense later?
  14. Why do I receive ‘Account already exists’ error when I click the invite link?
  15. Who is a primary contact?
  16. Can I reimburse my employees with a currency other than my base currency?
  17. When I integrate with Office 365, what should I do if the email address used in my Office 365 account is different from the one used in Zoho Expense?
  18. What are the predefined user roles in Zoho Expense?
  19. How do I create a custom role?
  20. How many emails alerts can be triggered per day? I am receiving an error that I have reached the limit of emails that can be sent?
  21. How many workflows can I configure?
  22. Can I customize the dashboard?
  23. Can I send reminders for pending approvals and reimbursements from the dashboard?
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